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Scannx announces Book ScanCenter™ 2.0

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Tue, Sep 18, 2012

Scans in more file formats, to more destinations, almost 3x faster than systems twice its price.

Pleasanton, CA – September 18, 2012, Scannx, a Xerox trademark licensing partner and leading developer of cloud-based  document capture and document delivery software and services, announced today that it released the Scannx Book ScanCenter 2.0 self-service book scanning solution for library patrons and staff. This next generation book scanning solution represents not only a significant advancement in features, speed and configurability, but also establishes an architectural platform for extending its connectivity into emerging cloud-based services. This solution includes new features designed not only for library patrons but also for library staff and their IT support department.

“In less than 9 months since we launched the Scannx Book ScanCenter 1.0 with its many innovative and patent pending features, we are again extremely pleased to announce another major advance in self-service book scanning capabilities”, said Murray L. Dennis, chief executive officer of Scannx. “Integration with OCLC Article Exchange and ILLiad, faster OCR processing times and enhanced authentication are just a few of the new features in the Book ScanCenter.”

The Book ScanCenter scans to more places than any other self service book scanning system, including OCLC Article Exchange, ILLiad and Odyssey. OCLC services have been used in almost 10 million interlibrary loan requests last year and now library staff can fulfill these requests faster at a fraction of the cost.  Scannx offers these “advanced connectors” as an optional upgrade to the Book ScanCenter at more than 60% less cost than competitive offerings. The latest Book ScanCenter system also offers enhanced authentication to restrict access to specified destinations for authorized personal only. Hence library patrons can scan books to their smartphone or tablet while only library staff can have restricted access to ILLiad on the same Book ScanCenter to fulfill an interlibrary loan request.

Its faster to search, retrieve and share searchable PDF files than image-only PDFs. However, demand for creating searchable PDF files is constrained by the time and complexity required to create searchable and editable files. The Book ScanCenter provides unparalleled optical character recognition (OCR) accuracy and performance, converting a page into  searchable files automatically almost 3x faster than any other self-service book scanning system by simply selecting the desired file format on the touchscreen.

Innovative  libraries, whose goal is to help accelerate academic research and collaboration while reducing costs in this digital age, are replacing their copiers with self-service book scanning solutions. Library patrons can scan and send their study materials in a searchable file format to email, USB drive, Google Docs, Google Drive, smartphones and tablets, thereby reducing the use of paper and toner. Library staff may generate more revenues by fulfilling interlibrary loan requests faster at less cost by using the same Book ScanCenter used by the patrons.  The  Book ScanCenter can be connected to on-line and off-line debit and credit card payment systems for cost recovery programs and pay-per-scan options.  With both digital and green initiatives becoming higher priorities for the educational market, the copy center is fast transforming into the scan center.

The Book ScanCenter product line starts at under $5,000 and may be leased for as little  as $100 per month.

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