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Increasing Library Efficiency With Scan-To-Mobile Technology

451019381Last week, we went over the new, digitized, demands of your students and library patrons – they want easy, they need simple. That’s why you need the library technology that delivers a streamlined, easy-to-use experience.

Scan-to-mobile technology answers that need. Scan-to-mobile refers to the simple technological transference of information to a mobile phone – it’s just like traditional scanning, but much easier and much more in-tune with the lifestyle’s of today’s tech-savvy students and library patrons.

Scan-to-mobile technology also benefits your library. A scanning device that integrates with mobile devices offers multiple productivity-enhancing functions, helping to simplify various processes and increase overall productivity in your library. Here’s how:

Scan-To-Mobile Technology Is Multi-Purposed
Scan-to-mobile technology allows for much more than the transference of information – it allows for the obtainment of information. The combination of scan-to-mobile technology and mobile scanning enables mobile users to find information anywhere, anytime, by employing pattern recognition technologies or quick-response (QR) barcodes.

Scan-To-Mobile Scanning Is Personalized
Catering to diversity is important to you – you want all your patrons to benefit equally from your services. Scan-to-mobile technology allows patrons to scan documents in their native language. Scannx mobile technology utilizes ABBYY’s multilingual document recognition, so students can convert English, French, Italian, German and Spanish language books and documents into searchable and editable files.

Scan-To-Mobile Is Green
Scan-to-mobile technology doesn’t require any paper. Not only does this eliminate messy offices and clear counter space – it rids your library of paper jams, printer malfunctions and the sometimes-long lines that form from these disruptive, mechanical errors.

Digital technology is a constantly growing whirlwind of change. You don’t have to keep up with all these changes, but you do have to understand how they affect your library. Without scan-to-mobile technology, there exists a huge gap between the habits of today’s patrons and your library services. Adopting a scan-to-mobile service is not only going to close this gap, it’s going to benefit overall productivity in your library.

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