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The Integrated Capabilities Of Scan-To-Mobile and Cloud Technology

481912395Last week, we discussed scan-to-mobile technology in terms of increasing overall library efficiency. This week, we’re taking library efficiency a step further, and introducing the powerful capabilities of cloud technology in conjunction with a scan-to-mobile library scanner.

For a complete overview of scan-to-mobile technology, download your free guide here. In the meantime, let’s get right into the cloud-based advantages of scan-to-mobile technology. This week’s post is for all the sobbing students you’ve ever had to comfort. Cloud technology is the simplest, yet most effective, way to protect against the untimely demise of a hard drive.

Cloud technology is a fairly new form of file storage that has taken the digital world by storm. It is essentially a virtual, paperless haven for saving, storing and accessing files. For your library, integrating cloud-based processes into your services translates into some pretty significant benefits. Here are just a few valuable results generated from the cloud-boosting capabilities of scan-to-mobile technology.

Cloud Technology: Primary Benefits
In addition to protecting hard-working students against the agonizing crash of their hard drive, cloud technology offers savings, simplicity as well as virtually infinite storage space for all your files.

  • Cost efficiency
    First and foremost, cloud technology cuts paper costs all together. (This also makes for a tidier office!) But, cloud technology also waives any need for hardware. With a cloud-based scanning service, you have no need for spacious, expensive-to-maintain mechanical devices.

  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility 
    Cloud storage offers file access anywhere there is Internet access. That means no more taking 10-minute breaks to rummage through file cabinets. With cloud technology storage, you scan every file you need to the cloud, and access them anytime and anywhere. This eliminates any daily habits of file hunting, ensuring un-interrupted employee productivity.

  • Unlimited storage space
    Your employees, along with your students, probably deal with a large amount of files on a daily basis. You could save these files to your PC or multiple flash-drives, but then you risk random hard-drive failure or losing a USB drive. When you save files to the cloud, the number of files, as well as their size, is irrelevant to storage space – cloud technology is a no cost or low cost limitless database, depending upon your subscription service and requiring only an Internet connection for storage access. 

  • No crashing
    Files saved in cloud storage are safe from computer failures – instead of being backed up on a hard drive or USB flash drive, documents are held in the remote storage space that is the internet, far beyond the reach of any drive disruptions. 

The leveraging of cloud technology makes scan-to-mobile technology that much more beneficial to library efficiency. With its simplified accessibility and storage process, and its foolproof protection against hard drive crashes, cloud technology offers a more productive and cost efficient way to run your scan-to-mobile or digital technology.

Digital technology is a constantly growing whirlwind of change. You don’t have to keep up with all these changes, but you do have to understand how they affect your library. Without scan-to-mobile services or any use of cloud technology, there exists a huge gap between the habits of today’s patrons and your library services. Adopting a scan-to-mobile service, as well as implementing its cloud technology counterparts, is not only going to close this gap, it’s going to increase the ease in which your library technology services function.


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