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Keeping Up With The Evolution Of Library Technology

482057665Your library technology is pretty standard. You have a printer, a scanner and several other mechanical devices. But, whether you’ve realized it or not, those standards are actually no longer standard. They are behind the times, lacking in contemporary functionality and completely missing the primary needs of your library patrons.

“Standard” is no longer what it once was, and if your library isn’t adjusting, it’s falling behind. Let’s begin by going over the massive changes in digital technology, and then discuss the results: equally massive changes in human behavior.

New Technology Patterns
The simple task of “searching” has been reduced to an entirely automated online engine, which gives us millions more results (in a quicker timespan) than an encyclopedia ever could. The task of “sending,” whether it’s an email or a payment, no longer requires paper – the simple click of an online “submit” button gets the job done, no postal service necessary. Do you see where we’re going with this? The digitization of processes has led to the simplification of processes, which has inevitably led to a transformation in human behavior.

New Human Behavior Patterns
People no longer wait. They get real-time information, whether it’s through a search engine or a mobile phone application. Nearly every process and procedure in today’s world has been simplified and accelerated or, in other words, completely digitized. Patience has evolved from a virtue to a chore, speed and ease is now expected, if not demanded, and overall standards for process automation everywhere have risen dramatically.

Does your library technology cater to these changes in human behavior? Let’s continue through the digital evolution by discussing its impacts on your library.

How Your Library Fits In
Student’s come into your library, and here’s the typical routine: They set up camp on a free desk, and whip out all their devices – iPod, tablet, laptop and/or smart phone. Here’s what most patrons are doing on these digital devices:

  • Checking/sending emails
  • Web browsing
  • Writing papers
  • Listening to music
  • Doing research

They are doing all of this without the help of “traditional” technology. But then, when it comes time to print something, or scan something with your library technology, their workflow comes to an abrupt halt. Why? Because they are forced to part ways with these simplified, digitized processes and handle an old mechanical device that exceeds their time limit, their patience levels and their overall accustomed lifestyle.

Don’t ignore or try to hold back the growth of library technology, but rather, embrace it. The fact is, your patrons, along with most of the world, have undergone a mass digitization. If your library expects to maintain its patrons, it must also undergo a mass digitization.

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