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Is Your Library Technology Digital Enough For The Digital Age

Posted by Scannx on Tue, Jun 24, 2014

Today’s students are not just students. They do study and attend classes, but they also participate in extracurricular activities as well as work, volunteering, teaching, mentoring, etc. So, your run-of-the-mill library technology is not always the best option to keep up with their busy lives. Digital technology, in a broad sense, is meant to increase productivity and communication. In the busy life of the average digital-age student, this has never been more important.


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Library Personalization: Using Technology To Enhance Patron Experience

Posted by Scannx on Thu, Apr 10, 2014

Ten years ago, personalization was limited to material objects: A bracelet engraved with your children’s names, a coffee mug with your wedding photo on it. Today, in this highly digitized age, personalization goes far beyond material objects. Technology takes personalization to groundbreaking new heights, creating a digitally personalized experience for nearly every process in existence, for nearly every individual in existence. So, as a dedicated library director, fixed on fostering relationships with your patrons, you may be wondering: is there such a thing as library personalization?


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