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The Library Of Congress: Preserving Books Through Digital Document Capture Technology

Posted by Scannx on Thu, Jan 30, 2014

It’s transformed television, radio and phones— it was only a matter of time before the digital revolution swept through printed material. Those page-turners you grew up with now possess the means of digital document capture technology, or scanners. With the right scanning equipment, a musty manuscript from the 1800’s can be safely scanned and easily displayed on the big screen for your viewing pleasure.


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5 Ways Book Scanning Technology Enhances Library Workflow Efficiency

Posted by Scannx on Mon, Oct 28, 2013

Is your library technology stuck in the past? Do you still have an outdated, iron-fisted grip on time-consuming, resource-depleting processes? It’s time to take a lucrative leap toward that high-powered digital library: boosting workflow with next-generation book scanning and state-of-the-art document capturing technology.


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