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Boost Your Library Technology I.Q.: Getting On Your Students’ Level

Posted by Scannx on Tue, Jun 10, 2014

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Meeting The Library Technology Needs Of Your Tech-Savvy Students

Posted by Scannx on Tue, May 27, 2014

We live in an age of technological advancement. Electronic developments have transformed the ways in which people think and learn. As students are surrounded by an infinite number of various digital devices on a daily basis, it should come as no surprise that they enter your library with some pretty high expectations regarding library technology.


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Green Libraries And Green Innovations: Looking Toward The Future

Posted by Scannx on Tue, May 13, 2014

Climate change, global air quality and the overall state of the environment are, without question, some of the most harrowing issues facing the world today. Companies and organizations all over the globe are recognizing the harmful effects of their practices and putting forth a genuine effort to go green. Among the many facilities implementing these eco-friendly initiatives are green libraries.


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Digitizing Your Library To Reduce Waste: Eco-Friendly Innovations

Posted by Scannx on Thu, Apr 24, 2014

Worldwide consumption of paper has risen by 400% in the past 40 years. If you are a dedicated library administrator and strong advocate for eco-friendly libraries, that’s likely a disturbing statistic for you. Many green libraries have begun dropping traditional services in favor of digital processes. Yet, digitizing your library, or performing a complete overhaul of your library technology, sounds stressful.


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Library Technology Tips To Reduce Costs Without Sacrificing Service

Posted by Scannx on Tue, Apr 15, 2014

In today’s digital landscape, libraries are facing the harsh reality that they are no longer the only place to find information and resources. Libraries also continue to face budget backlash surrounding the many cuts to educational institutions. All of this has resulted in an unfortunate decrease in library revenue, and the main cost culprit continues to be library technology.

Let’s first take a look at the current statistics on library budget cuts and overall spending:

The Facts And Figures
According to the IMLS 2010 Public Library Survey results that were released in 2013:


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Library Personalization: Using Technology To Enhance Patron Experience

Posted by Scannx on Thu, Apr 10, 2014

Ten years ago, personalization was limited to material objects: A bracelet engraved with your children’s names, a coffee mug with your wedding photo on it. Today, in this highly digitized age, personalization goes far beyond material objects. Technology takes personalization to groundbreaking new heights, creating a digitally personalized experience for nearly every process in existence, for nearly every individual in existence. So, as a dedicated library director, fixed on fostering relationships with your patrons, you may be wondering: is there such a thing as library personalization?


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