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Advanced Features, Minimalistic Design at an Attractive Price

ScannX Overhead Book Scanner

The ScannX Overhead Book Scanner Family

The ScannX Overhead Book Scanner combines ScannX award-winning book scanning software with the innovations from CZUR's overhead book scanners to create an unrivaled book scanning solution for staff, patrons, and home users. CZUR's overhead book scanning hardware delivers a high-resolution, low-footprint scanning solution that is both affordable and innovative, with features previously unheard of at this price point. 

Dual-Page Scan in Seconds

CZUR ET25 Pro and ScannX create Versatility in Book Scanning

The CZUR scanner is powered by a robust 32-bit MIPS CPU, scanning two pages of an open, unbound book in just six seconds. Scan an 80-page bound document in just four minutes, nearly 10 times faster than a traditional scanner.

LED Top Light

This low-energy but brilliant LED top light ensures that your scans come out perfect every time.
Library Book Scanner

Innovative Side Light


Patented side lights evenly reveal the whole document for a precise, balanced scan, while eliminating glare from glossy pages, such as certificates, magazines and laminated documents.

25MP HD Camera

Books are scanned not only to save their information, but to keep their original beauty. That’s why the CZUR scanner is outfitted with an 25MP HD camera, powered by Sony. This scans every page to precisely save every detail and image of your book. The result: a digital page that looks as real as the original.
ScannX Overhead Book Scanner Top Lights
CZUR ET25 Overhead Book Scanner
CZUR ET25 Library Book Scanner

LCD Screen

ScannX library book scanner

See what you're scanning in real time with the miniature screen on top of the scanner.

Scan up to A3 Format

No document or book is too big for the ScannX Overhead Book Scanner. It can handle whatever document you need to digitize, even as large as A3 format. Scan exam papers, blueprints, magazines, catalogs, and even large books without a problem.

CZUR A3 Scanner

Patented Page-Flattening Algorithms

ScannX Overhead Book Scanner Page Flattening

The smart algorithms, combined with accurate laser lines, digitally restores every curved page to perfectly flat books.


That means your most valuable collections can be scanned perfectly and without being damaged in the process. With just one step, you get exactly what you want.

CZUR Advanced Page Flattening

Efficient OCR Technology


With the ability to convert any scanned pages to multiple editable document formats, you have an unlimited resource to search, edit, and store files in just a click. The ScannX Overhead Book Scanner is integrated with ABBYY's FineReader 12 Engine for unmatched accuracy. ABBYY’s multi-lingual document recognition engine automatically detects English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages, with an additional 192 languages available at a small additional cost.

Smart Tilt Correction & Auto-Cropping

No matter how crooked your document is placed under the camera, the scanner easily recognizes the page edges and uses smart tilt correction to align it properly.

ScannX Overhead Book Scanner Automatically Crops and Splits Pages

Thumb Removal

An unbound book can be stubborn, but with the ScannX Overhead Book Scanner, you just need to lay the book under the camera, open and hold it down with your thumbs, scan, and let ScannX Software easily remove your thumbs from the final scan. Place the book in the scan area , hold the book down with your thumbs, and ScannX Book Scanning Software will automatically removes thumbs from the final output. Its as simple as that.