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Overhead Scanners

ScannX Overhead Scanners are revolutionary, low-cost overhead book scanners designed specifically for libraries, making book scanning easier than ever before. Simply place your book or document in the scan area, press scan, and watch the ScannX Software automatically crop, flatten, and split each page of a book, even automatically removing your thumbs from the images. Designed with library patrons / staff and institutions in mind, ScannX Overhead Scanners provide an advanced and easy-to-use solution to digitize content with the versatility to send your scanned material to over 25 different local and cloud-based destinations. With its flexible design, it can be deployed in both public/patron facing areas as well as back end interlibrary loan departments. Whether you’re scanning books, magazines, documents, or any A3 sized material, ScannX Overhead Scanners are the perfect overhead scanning solution for your needs.

Overhead Book Scanners for Libraries and Institutions

Overhead Scanners for Home Users

CZUR Overhead Scanners