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Scannx Software and Zeutschel Large Format Scanners

Zeutschel Overhead Scanners by ScannX

ScannX has partnered with Zeutschel to offer a wide range of large format overhead scanners to meet the growing digitization and book scanning needs of libraries and institutions by paring ScannX industry-leading book scanning software with Zeutschel's advanced A3+ and A2+ overhead book scanners.

Considered to be the world leader and industry standard for digitization, book scanning, and preservation of rare and valuable assets, Zeutschel's large format overhead book scanners provide the highest quality images and data for long-term preservation and easy access. Their unique design and features make them the perfect choice for libraries, archives, museums, county record offices and any other institution that is looking to preserve and protect their collections.

A3+ Overhead Scanners

Designed to quickly and easily deliver high quality images, Zeutschel's A3+ size Overhead Scanners powered by ScannX Book Scanning Software offer an easy-to-use book scanning solution with a large scanning area (18" x 14"). Will fit most standard books, textbooks, documents, pictures, and other flat media and is ideal for walk-up patron and student users in libraries, InterLibrary Loan Professionals, archives, county records offices, and more.

Zeutschel OS 15000

The Zeutschel OS 15000 is a powerful A3+, 600 DPI overhead book scanner that provides a powerful, easy-to-use digitization solution. Recognized for its image quality, advanced capabilities, ease of use, book friendly scanning, security, accessibility, and cost effectiveness. 

Zeutschel OS15000 Library Book Scanner

Zeutschel Zeta

The Zeutschel Zeta is a powerful A3+, 600 DPI multifunction system that is ideal for open access areas of libraries digitizing and copying, making it the perfect completion of an up-to-date office. Unpack the device, plug it in, put your book on the book cradle, and you're ready to go.

Zeutschel Zeta Book Copier

A2+ Overhead Scanners

Zeutschel's A2+ Large Format Overhead Scanners powered by ScannX Award-Winning Book Scanning Software create the ultimate large format overhead book scanning experience with impeccable image quality. Ideal for archivists, records management, walk-up patron use, research scanning, InterLibrary Loan Professionals, and more. Easily digitize your physical media and send it to over 25 different destinations.

Zeutschel OS C

The OS C is designed for digitization projects of all volumes and end-use needs, offering the quality and accuracy of an archival scanner with the ease-of-use of a walk-up scanner. Building on the legacy of the 12000-series, the new OS C overhead book scanner offers enhanced quality, a smaller footprint, and advances in scanning productivity. With a re-designed scanning head, new scan drive, and further optimized LED lighting, the Zeutschel OS C runs more precisely and smoothly than its predecessors while providing the same great usability and palatable price point.

Zeutschel OS C With Computer and Mouse Medium
Zeutschel OS12002

Zeutschel OS 12002

The Zeutschel OS 12002 is a A2+ large format scanner, designed for archiving professionals. With a scan area of 24.5 x 18, you can easily digitize your oversize material and offers outstanding image quality (600 PPI), incredibly high scan speeds, security, reliability, and cost effectiveness while being easy to use. This archive-centric system is perfect for large-size documents, as well as valuable books and maps.

Zeutschel Chrome

The Zeutschel Chrome Comfort is recognized for both its high quality and ease of use. This user-friendly overhead scanner continues the Zeutschel legacy of innovation by being approachable for new users, sophisticated for advanced users, and gentle on the books it scans.

Zeutschel Chrome Book Copier