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Zeutschel Large Format Overhead Scanners

In response to the growing need for high-quality book scanning services in libraries and institutions, ScannX has joined forces with Zeutschel, the industry leader in high quality overhead book scanning to introduce an innovative line of large format overhead book scanners. ScannX's cutting-edge Book ScanCenter Software combined with Zeutschel's advanced A3+ and A2+ large format overhead book scanners, provide an unparalleled solution for all your scanning requirements. Zeutschel's large format overhead book scanners are widely recognized as the global leader and industry standard for digitizing, scanning, and safeguarding rare and valuable assets. With unmatched precision and clarity, these scanners produce top-quality images that endure over time and are easily accessible. Their exceptional design and features make them the ideal choice for libraries, archives, museums, and county record offices, as well as any other institution seeking to preserve and protect their collections. Whether you need to digitize historical manuscripts, fragile books, or even maps, Zeutschel overhead scanners with their innovative technology combined with the robust, yet user-friendly interface of ScannX Book ScanCenter Software will help you achieve your goals with ease. Trust ScannX and Zeutschel to provide the ultimate scanning experience for your library or institution.

Zeutschel A3+ Large Format Overhead Book Scanners

Zeutschel's A3+ size Large Format Overhead Book Scanners, powered by the innovative ScannX Book Scanning Software, are meticulously engineered to swiftly deliver stunning high-resolution images. This cutting-edge scanning solution boasts a generous scanning area of 18" x 14", perfectly accommodating a wide range of materials including standard books, textbooks, documents, pictures, and other flat media. It is specifically designed to cater to the needs of walk-up patrons, students, InterLibrary Loan Professionals, archives, county records offices, and more. Experience the convenience and excellence of Zeutschel's Overhead Scanners for your scanning needs.
Zeutschel OS15000 Library Book Scanner

Zeutschel OS 15000

The Zeutschel OS 15000 is a powerful A3+, 600 DPI overhead book scanner that provides a powerful, easy-to-use digitization solution. Recognized for its image quality, advanced capabilities, ease of use, book friendly scanning, security, accessibility, and cost effectiveness. 

Zeutschel Zeta Book Copier

Zeutschel Zeta

The Zeutschel Zeta is a powerful A3+, 600 DPI multifunction system that is ideal for open access areas of libraries digitizing and copying, making it the perfect completion of an up-to-date office. Unpack the device, plug it in, put your book on the book cradle, and you're ready to go.

Zeutschel A2+ Large Format Overhead Scanners

Experience the ultimate large format book scanning with Zeutschel's A2+ Large Format Overhead Scanners, powered by the award-winning ScannX Book Scanning Software. Immerse yourself in the impeccable image quality and unlock a world of possibilities for archivists, records management professionals, walk-up patrons, research scanning enthusiasts, InterLibrary Loan Professionals, and more. Seamlessly digitize your physical media and effortlessly send it to over 25 diverse destinations.
Zeutschel OS C large format overhead scanner

Zeutschel OS C

The Zeutschel OS C is designed for digitization projects of all volumes and end-use needs, offering the quality and accuracy of an archival scanner with the ease-of-use of a walk-up scanner. Building on the legacy of the 12000 series, the new OS C overhead book scanner offers enhanced quality, a smaller footprint, and advances in scanning productivity. With a re-designed scanning head, new scan drive, and further optimized LED lighting, the Zeutschel OS C runs more precisely and smoothly than its predecessors while providing the same great usability and palatable price point.

The Zeutschel Chrome is the Ultimate Easy To Use Large Format Overhead Scanner

Zeutschel Chrome

The Zeutschel Chrome Comfort is a large format overhead book scanner that stands out for its superior quality, effortless operation, and cutting-edge technology. Designed with the user in mind, this innovative overhead scanner continues the Zeutschel tradition of pushing the boundaries of scanning capabilities. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll appreciate the intuitive user-friendly interface that makes scanning a breeze, and with its seamless integration into existing workflows, the Zeutschel OS C Large format overhead scanner is a perfect fit for libraries, archives, and museums.