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Request a Live Demo of ScannX Book ScanCenter Software

Welcome to the next generation of book scanning. Dive into a live demonstration of our industry-leading ScannX Book ScanCenter Software and witness firsthand how it's transforming libraries and institutions worldwide.

Why Choose ScannX Book ScanCenter Software?

  • Innovation at its Best: ScannX Book Scanning Software is not just another scanning solution. We’re revolutionizing the realm of book and document scanning, offering a broad range of state-of-the-art scanning solutions.
  • More than Just a Copier Replacement: ScannX isn’t just a replacement for your conventional copier—it’s an evolution. Our software stands as a versatile digitization powerhouse, designed to cater to all library digitization environments. Whether it's fulfilling Document Delivery or Interlibrary Loan requests, Patron / Student scanning, Course Reserve Digitization, or Digital Preservation / Archiving, ScannX ensures an unparalleled scanning experience tailored to each specific need.
  • Unmatched Services for Libraries: Boost your library's range of services, increase your scanning efficiency, save staff time, and provide patrons with an enriching experience. With ScannX Book Scanning Software, digitization becomes effortless; optimize your digitization workflow, and make waiting in long queues and dealing with outdated equipment a thing of the past.
  • Eco-friendly & Versatile: Make your library greener. Avoid unnecessary printing and deliver your scans to over 25 different destinations, including Email, Google Drive, USB, OCLC WorldShare, Rapido, Wēpa, and more.
  • Customize As Per Your Needs: ScannX's Book Scanning Software was developed and designed for the modern library, and can be customized to meet your libraries exact digitization needs. Give Students / Patrons a robust, Easy-To-Use digitization platform, complete interlibrary loan requests faster than ever, or beautifully archive and preserve history for future generations. Whatever your libraries scanning requirements are, ScannX Book Scanning software can be tailored to meet them.

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