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Request a Live Demo of ScannX Book ScanCenter Software

Welcome to the next generation of book scanning. Dive into a live demonstration of our industry-leading ScannX Book ScanCenter Software and witness firsthand how it's transforming libraries and institutions worldwide.

Why Choose ScannX Book ScanCenter Software?

  • Innovation at its Best: ScannX is not just another scanning solution. We’re revolutionizing the realm of book and document scanning, offering a broad range of state-of-the-art scanning solutions.
  • More than Just a Copier Replacement: ScannX isn’t just a replacement for your conventional copier—it’s an evolution. Our software stands as a versatile digitization powerhouse, designed to cater to all library digitization environments. Whether it's fulfilling Document Delivery or Interlibrary Loan requests, Patron / Student scanning, Course Reserve Digitization, or Digital Preservation / Archiving, ScannX ensures an unparalleled scanning experience tailored to each specific need.
  • Unmatched Services for Libraries: Boost your library's range of services, increase your scanning efficiency, save staff time, and provide patrons with an enriching experience. With ScannX, digitization becomes effortless; optimize your digitization workflow, and make waiting in long queues and dealing with outdated equipment a thing of the past.
  • Eco-friendly & Versatile: Make your library greener. Avoid unnecessary printing and deliver your scans to over 25 different destinations, including Email, Google Drive, USB, OCLC WorldShare, Rapido, Wēpa, and more.
  • Customize As Per Your Needs: ScannX's software is incredibly versatile and adaptable, and can be customized to meet your exact digitization needs. Whatever your scanning requirements, our software can be tailored to meet them.

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