Scannx book-edge systems combine an intuitive interface with a scanner that enables you to easily digitize books without putting additional pressure on the spine or getting a skewed scan. No matter what scanning needs you have, we've got you covered.

Book-Edge Scanners


The Scannx Book ScanCenter family of products is the choice of libraries because its large friendly buttons guide the user through the scan process from choosing file formats, to scan quality, color depth, file naming, and destinations.

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Overhead Scanners


Scannx partners with Zeutschel, the world leader in digitization and preservation solutions for valuable assets, to combine our document delivery software and cloud services with their A2 and A3+ advanced book scanning solutions.

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Photo ScanCenter


The Scannx Photo ScanCenter is comprised of a Scannx 15" touchscreen PC, a Kodak photo scanner and the Scannx ScanCenter software.

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Document ScanCenter


The Scannx Document ScanCenter is comprised of a Scannx touchscreen PC, a Fujitsu color sheetfed scanner, and the Scannx ScanCenter software.

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Hardware Accessories

Software Accessories