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Book and Document Scanning Solutions Powered By ScannX

ScannX offers a wide range of Book Scanning solutions to fit the growing needs of your library. We combine our industry leading, intuitive interface with advanced book scanners that will optimize your scanning workflow while protecting the material you are scanning.

Book-Edge Scanning Solutions by ScannX

The ScannX Book ScanCenter family of products is the choice of libraries because its large friendly buttons guide the user through the scan process from choosing file formats, to scan quality, color depth, file naming, and destinations.

Zeutschel Overhead Scanning Solutions

ScannX has partnered with Zeutschel, the world leader in digitization and preservation solutions for valuable assets, to combine our document delivery software and cloud services with their A2+ and A3+ advanced book scanners. This powerful combination takes Zeutschel archival scanners and combines it with ScannX robust, easy-to-use book scanning software to deliver an experience like no other

Overhead Scanning Solutions by ScannX

In addition to the four Zeutschel overhead scanners, we are showcasing our CZUR ET18 Pro Scanner by ScannX that delivers exceptional hardware, our award-winning intuitive software, and an attractive price point. Scan and deliver your digitized content with confidence. 

ScannX Software

The combination of our industry-leading overhead and book-edge scanning hardware, intuitive and approachable software, and robust and scalable cloud services has led to ScannX being recognized by the Modern Library Award for providing the best user experience for the last eight consecutive years.

Document Scanning Solutions by ScannX

ScannX offers solutions that can quickly pay for themselves and integrate with vending solutions to increase your ROI, all while providing the most intuitive scanning experience to your patrons. Choose the hardware that will meet the specific requirements or space constraints of your business with the following document scanning options:

Vending Solutions

Your ScannX solution can pay for itself with our vending solutions that will increase your ROI while providing the most intuitive scanning experience to your patrons. ScannX Book Scanning Solutions support multi-level pricing, which can establish different pricing based on whether the user is a staff member, student, patron, or guest of the library. 

Hardware Accessories

You can customize your ScannX solution to meet your exact needs, whether that is additional scanning hardware that integrates with our software, cost recovery solutions to help your scanning setup pay for itself, or ergonomic accessories to make scanning easier for all users: