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Large Format, Overhead, and Book Scanners

ScannX offers a wide range of cutting-edge book scanning solutions, designed specifically to cater to your libraries various digitization needs. From entry-level, user-friendly BookEdge book scanners, to feature-rich document scanners, photo scanners, robust and affordable overhead book scanners designed for students, interlibrary loan professionals, and even home users. We also provide the most advanced A2+ and A3+ large format overhead book scanners, offering a preservation platform for archival-quality document retention. Our solutions not only safeguard your institution's investment in books and documents but also provide unmatched ease-of-use. Whether it's unsupervised patrons exploring the depths of knowledge in the library, newly hired staff eager to contribute to their organization, meticulous archivists preserving historical treasures, or interlibrary loan professionals facilitating access to information, ScannX offers a seamless digitization experience for all. Our cutting-edge scanning solutions empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to effortlessly convert their valuable materials into digital format. With just a few simple steps, users can conveniently send their digitized content to over 25 different destinations, ensuring widespread accessibility and preservation. Whether it's sharing knowledge with the world, enhancing organizational efficiency, or safeguarding precious documents, ScannX book scanning solutions provide unmatched ease-of-use and reliability for all your digitization needs.

BookEdge Book Scanners by ScannX

For over a decade, the ScannX Book ScanCenter series has solidified its position as the library book scanner of choice. Its unrivaled reputation stems from an array of remarkable features, unmatched adaptability, seamless accessibility, and an intuitive user-friendly interface. With every scan, these cutting-edge self serve book scanners effortlessly lead users through the process, eliminating the need for any training. Libraries across US continue to embrace the ScannX Book ScanCenter line, recognizing its unparalleled performance and unwavering commitment to simplifying the scanning experience.

Zeutschel Large Format and Overhead Book Scanners

Zeutschel Large Format Overhead Scanners

In an extraordinary collaboration, ScannX has joined forces with Zeutschel, the global leader in digitization, cultural heritage, and preservation solutions for your libraries most valuable assets. Together, we have merged our cutting-edge book scanning software software and cloud services with Zeutschel's remarkable A2+ and A3+ advanced large format overhead book scanners. This groundbreaking alliance combines the excellence of Zeutschel archival scanners with ScannX's robust and user-friendly book scanning software, resulting in an unparalleled experience like no other.

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Overhead Scanners by ScannX

Libraries need a quality scanning solution that is easy to use and affordable. With their advanced features and simple operation, ScannX Overhead Book Scanning Solutions are designed to meet those needs. With the touch of a button, these solutions can automatically crop, orient, flatten, digitally remove thumbs, and splits each page of a book, then deliver the scanned material to over 25 different cloud and local destinations. This makes it easy for patrons / students to walk up and digitize their physical media and for libraries to digitize their collections. With ScannX Overhead Book Scanning Solutions, libraries can have the best of both worlds: and easy to use solution that delivers quality scans and an affordable price.

CZUR Overhead Book Scanners

CZUR Overhead Scanners

Experience the revolution of scanning with CZUR Smart Book Scanners, unlike any other traditional scanners. Prepare to be amazed by the simplicity, intelligence, and lightning-fast performance of our scanners. Say goodbye to cutting or unbinding your books, magazines, contracts, or any A3-sized paper documents. Our scanners can capture them directly in just 1.5 seconds per page. And that's not all! With our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, you can effortlessly convert all your scanned documents into editable Word, PDF, TIFF, and Excel formats. Get ready to unlock a whole new level of scanning efficiency and convenience.

ScannX Software

The ScannX Book ScanCenter software is a powerful, easy-to-use document and book scanning designed to empower anyone of any skill level to walk up to its touchscreen interface and easily digitize content.

ScannX Book ScanCenter Book Scanning Software
Document ScanCentrer

Document Scanning Solutions

ScannX offers solutions that can quickly pay for themselves and integrate with vending solutions to increase your ROI, all while providing the most intuitive scanning experience to your patrons. Choose the hardware that will meet the specific requirements or space constraints of your business with the following document scanning options:

Vending Solutions

Your ScannX solution can pay for itself with our vending solutions that will increase your ROI while providing the most intuitive scanning experience to your patrons. ScannX Book Scanning Solutions support multi-level pricing, which can establish different pricing based on whether the user is a staff member, student, patron, or guest of the library. 

ScannX Vending Solutions

Hardware Accessories

You can customize your ScannX solution to meet your exact needs, whether that is additional scanning hardware that integrates with our software, cost recovery solutions to help your scanning setup pay for itself, or ergonomic accessories to make scanning easier for all users: