Out-of-Warranty Policy

Support Information And Options

If ScannX products are not covered under its Standard Coverage or its ScannXtra Care® plans, the Customer may have the ScannX hardware repaired by ScannX under its time and materials policy. Out- of-warranty hardware support will be provided for a fee which includes a base cost and an additional, hourly charge; plus the price of materials. The rates will be quoted at the time service is requested.

Payment for the base charge must be pre-paid via credit card, and is non-refundable. Upon confirmation of the Customer’s approved credit card charge ScannX will provide the Customer with an RMA number with instructions to ship the system or hardware component back to ScannX, at the Customer’s expense. The base charge can be applied to the diagnosis and repair expenses or purchase of a new or reconditioned touchscreen computer or scanner, subject to product availability. Customers will be charged a return shipping & handling fee, which will also be quoted at the time service is requested.

ScannXtra Care Software Assurance may be purchased at any time, effective retroactive to the expiration date of the Standard Coverage period provided by ScannX. If the Customer decides not to purchase a ScannXtra Care Software Assurance plan , they may prepay via credit card for software technical support (excludes software updates, and upgrades) at a price which will be quoted at the time of the support request. A base charge for the call must be prepaid via credit card; support is billed in one-hour increments, with a minimum charge of one hour.

For more information regarding ScannX customer support policies and programs, please visit ScannX Support Services.