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ScannX Book Scanning Service Options

ScannXtra Care® Extended Product Protection Plans
All ScannX Book ScanCenter™ systems include standard coverage for the first year and offers optional ScannXtra Care® Hardware Warranty and Software Assurance Plans for up to 5 years. This minimizes system downtime, increases the useful life of the system, and eliminates unbudgeted repair expenses.
The ScannX Book ScanCenter™ system's standard coverage warranties the Hardware against manufacturing defects under depot repair, and includes technical support for hardware and software, and software updates during the first year. Technical support is open from Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Pacific Time, excluding holidays.
Customers may purchase one-year or multi-year agreements within 90 days from the date of their Book ScanCenter system purchase, or within 30 days after the expiration of the first year coverage or any extended coverage. Multi-year agreements lock in the ScannXtra Care® price at time of purchase and protect against any future price increases during the term of the ScannXtra Care agreement. Third party products installed on or connected to the Book ScanCenter system without ScannX's express written approval will void the warranty and any subsequent ScannXtra Care® plans. The ScannXtra Care® Hardware Warranty plan and the ScannXtra Care® Software Assurance plan may be purchased separately or together.

ScannXtra Care® Hardware Warranty
The ScannXtra Care® Hardware Warranty plan covers the ScannX touchscreen computers, book-edge scanners, overhead scanners, integrated automatic document feeders and magnetic stripe card readers. The warranty offers two tiers of service: Next Day Advance Exchange and Depot Repair. These options are available for up to 5 years of coverage. Defective units will be repaired or replaced with reconditioned hardware guaranteed through the remaining life of the ScannXtra Care® Hardware Warranty agreement.
  • Advance Exchange:
    Advance Exchange includes next day advance replacement of ScannX hardware for tickets submitted before 12 p.m., Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Once the customer receives the replacement unit, the defective unit is packed into the box of the replacement unit and returned back to ScannX via ground transportation, at ScannX's expense, by its designated carrier.
  • Depot Repair:
    Under Depot Repair, ScannX will repair or replace the defective unit within 4 weeks from receipt of hardware and ship it back to the customer via FedEx ground transportation. Hardware is returned to ScannX's repair center at the customer's freight expense. ScannX pays for the return shipping costs.

ScannXtra Care® Software Assurance
The ScannXtra Care® Software Assurance plan enhances the Standard Coverage with additional coverage for upgrades within the first year, and may be extended to include updates, upgrades, technical support, remote diagnostics and price protection for up to 5 years.
All ScannX upgrades and updates released during the term of the agreement are offered to the customer, at his or her sole option, for acceptance. "Upgrades" means the upgraded version of the Software Product, where the version number to the left of the decimal point is increased, i.e., 5.0 to 6.0. "Updates" means the updated version of the Software Product, where the version number to the right of the decimal point is increased, i.e., 5.0 to 5.1.
ScannX "connectors" automatically forward the scanned image to a predetermined destination or device selected by the user on the touchscreen menu. Standard connectors include, but are not limited to, email, USB flash drive, Google Docs, smartphones, tablets, printers, network folders and FTP. Usage of fax and other services that are billed on a per usage basis are not part of the ScannXtra Care® Software Assurance plan. ScannX also offers optional "advanced connectors" that are available for a license fee under the ScannXtra Care® Software Assurance plan.

ScannXtra Care® Fax Services
  • Scan to Fax requires no phone line and is provided through ScannX cloud services.
  • No monthly fees, no minimum fees. Monthly billing for usage only.
  • Cost per page to the library according to usage, based on entire volume of the library system, not per machine.
  • Any money collected by the library over and above the ScannX rate may be kept by the library.

Scannalytics™ powered by ScannX Cloud Services®
Scannalytics™ gives you the insight to improve your library's operations. With real-time reporting and tangible metrics, this book scan analytics system gives you clear insight into your library's workflow. See where your operational strengths are, as well as where to enhance document management efficiency. Additionally, you can manage multiple systems deployed across different locations without having to go to each of the systems to make configuration changes. 

Translation Services
The ScannX Scan-to-Translate service enables users to scan a document and have it automatically translated into up to 100+ different languages instantly. ScannX integrated its document capture software and cloud services with Microsoft Translate and Google Translate cloud services.