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Library Technology: The Next Chapter

Turn The Page With Scannovation

It's time to take your library technology into the next generation. Scannovation helps you streamline your book scanning processes, essentially eliminate maintenance and cut down on costs with its electronic document management system.

ScannX Book Scanning Solutions and Software are the first in the industry to provide direct scan-to-smartphones and tablets with patents pending, self-service scanning with a user-friendly touchscreen interface, and ScannX Cloud Services® tools that IT will love.

Fully Customizable Interface
  • Seamless network integration and compatibility with current security systems/virus software.
  • Large buttons, fluid touchscreen and intuitive processes for simple operation.

Seamless Syncing and Sharing
  • Scanned files sent to email; to a smartphone/tablet; to document-storage systems like Google Docs, Office 365, FTP sites and network folders or to additional document-management devices like fax machines, USB flash drives and multi-function devices.

Patented BookEdge Design and Advanced Low Cost Overhead Book Scanning Technology
  • Allows books to lay flat on each page during the scanning process, eliminating the blackened areas of text from page curvature at the book spine and producing clearly readable text across the entire page unlike traditional copiers which render curved images which cannot be converted into searchable and editable text.
  • Protects books from damage to the spine, thereby reducing repair and replacement costs.
  • Scan both pages of a book at the same time, automatically removing the curve from the books gutter and remove your thumbs from your scanned images.

Ahead of the Pack in Library Evolution
  • Industry leaders in the library market including Xerox, OCLC, EnvisionWare, Zeutschel and others have partnered with ScannX to enhance ScannX's software platform to scan to more places, in more file formats than any other book scanning system on the market today.
  • Don't let your library get left behind. Join the revolution of library evolution with ScannX's® cutting-edge book scanning technology. Reach out to us to see how ScannX Book and Document Scanning Solutions can meet all your digitization needs.