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ScannX Book ScanCenter Software

Award Winning and Versatile Document and Book Scanning Software

With ScannX Book ScanCenter software, digitizing documents and books has never been easier. Its touchscreen interface is designed to enable users of all skill levels to effortlessly scan content. From students to archive specialists, everyone can benefit from its user-friendly simplicity. The Modern Library Awards has recognized our software for nine consecutive years as the best user experience. Our software is versatile and packed with robust features. Take a look at the links below to experience its power and sophistication for yourself and enjoy quick, flawless scans.

Protecting a Green Environment

Minimizing your carbon footprint is important, and ScannX Library Book Scanning Software can be an essential tool in meeting your environmental goals. Store your scans on a wide variety of media, in the cloud, or distribute digital versions as needed, without having to print. Output to over 25 different destinations including: Email, Google Drive, Mobile Devices, Network, Print, Print Release, Mobile Print, USB drive, Wēpa and more. Expand your libraries book and document capture capabilities with ScannX Industry Leading Book and Document Scanning Software, and customize the software to fit your exact scanning needs.

    ScannX Cognitive Services

ScannX Cognitive Services revolutionizes the way users interact with print materials by bringing the power of AI-based handwriting recognition and translation services to anyone, regardless of their skill level. This innovative upgrade uses Microsoft Azure cloud computing to deliver unparalleled capabilities that accelerate research and expand collaboration, providing new opportunities for learning for both library patrons and staff alike.

Accessibility for Visually Impaired Users
Accessibility tools in our software were designed to assist blind and visually impaired individuals as well as struggling readers who face unique barriers when attempting to access information from books and other printed library resources. This feature also increases the availability of books and documents to readers for whom English is not their native language, as well as enables users to bring audio content to mobile devices.
Features At a Glance:
  • Audio narration to guide patrons through the scanning process.
  • High contrast viewing mode
  • On-screen text magnifier
  • Convert text into MP3 audio format and save it to a USB drive for later listening

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) converts your scanned material, such as books and documents, into editable and searchable data.
ScannX has embedded ABBYY FineReader  OCR technology into its Book ScanCenter Software to provide unmatched OCR accuracy.
By default, ScannX includes OCR technology that recognizes English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish text. This ABBYY FineReader engine upgrade recognizes 189 languages for OCR.

Enhanced Authentication
Control access to features and scan-to destinations by requiring user authentication prior to use. Enhanced authentication allows the IT department to enable selected individuals to access secure scanning destinations. Authentication feature also prevents sending of anonymous emails.
Features At a Glance:
  • PIN Code Access
  • LDAP Authentication
  • SMTP Authentication
  • Customizable Welcome Message
  • Manage pricing discounts by group membership

Fax Services
Sending documents and images via fax has never been easier with the scan-to-fax functionality on the ScannX Book ScanCenter. The cloud-based faxing service allows faxing to domestic and a limited number of international phone numbers. A built-in cover sheet is sent on all faxes, and a confirmation email can be sent to the user when the transmission is complete.

Fleet Management
ScannX Software includes reporting that provides a detailed look at both destination usage, as well as volume of scanned pages over time. These reports can be configured for automatic delivery on various timelines. Our system activity reports provide details of hourly usage statistics over time, across all systems or on a per-system basis.

ILLiad and Odyssey Interlibrary Loan Connectors
InterLibrary Loan (ILL) allows patrons of one library access to materials at another library, either by physical or digital delivery. ScannX has partnered with Atlas systems and OCLC to simplify the InterLibrary Loan fulfillment process.
With the ScannX software, the delivery process no longer requires a specialized system. Simply scan the request sheet in the ScannX Software, and automatically detect the TN number, scan all pages requested, and the rest of the delivery is automated.

Mobile Authentication
Give your users the option to authenticate their cloud-based account credentials (such as Google or Office 365) via their mobile device instead of logging in using username and password each time. After the user chooses to “opt-in” the first time, authentication is very quick and easy on subsequent uses of the ScannX software.

OCLC Article Exchange Connector
The ScannX Article Exchange connector enables library staff to easily fulfill the entire request in one easy to use process. Easily scan all the requested materials, review and edit if needed, then hit deliver to send all the requested files directly to the requestor, all through a few simple touchscreen selections.
The ScannX Article Exchange (AE) connector directly integrates with OCLC using their Article Exchange API, uploads image format files (PDF, sPDF, TIFF, JPEN and PNG), and receives a tiny URL and password back from the AE service. The ScannX software will then populate the email message with the tiny URL and password for delivery to the recipient.

OCLC Tipasa/WorldShare
OCLC Tipasa is the world’s first cloud-based interlibrary loan management system. It allows you to manage a high volume of interlibrary loan requests, automate routine borrowing and lending functions, and provide an enhanced patron experience. WorldShare ILL integrates discovery and delivery of electronic, digital and print materials within a single interface.
The ScannX Book ScanCenter allows you to seamlessly attach scanned images with an OCLC Request ID. Either by scanning an OCLC-generated barcode or entering the Request ID manually, scanned images will be linked to a Request ID associated with your OCLC account. Then, simply login to your OCLC account and send the image back to the requesting library. Your process is now streamlined and simple for anyone to use!

Print Management
This print and copy management system enables departments to monitor both printing and copying activity to ensure you maintain control over printer and copier costs, reduce operating expenses, control printer usage, curb paper waste, and offer more sustainable output formats. Our software also fully integrates with all 3rd party Print Release software such as Papercut, Pharos and many others.

Legal protection, patron privacy, and computer security are key concerns for libraries that provide public access computers (PACs). This online access is an integral offering for libraries, but also a resource that adds another level of threats and concerns to manage. ScannX delivers protection from these threats by:
  • Deploying across the secure, global Microsoft Azure architecture
  • Instituting a portable, multi-VM/DB redundant architecture
  • Delivering 99.997% uptime (for more than 9 years)
  • Preventing the system from sending anonymous emails or being hacked
  • Protecting patron privacy
It is important that PACs contain security features designed to detect when users leave their PC but forget to log out and ensure that their personal files and information are cleared from the station to protect their privacy. Libraries also need to control the amount of time that patrons can access computers to ensure that all patrons get a fair chance to access these services.

Securing Public Access Computers
Computers should be physically secured for use. It is important to visually inspect the computers at regular intervals to make sure no devices have been attached to record keystrokes. These devices may look like part of the keyboard plug and can record keystrokes for up to 12 months and they are undetectable to scanning software.
Another consideration is the Basic Input/output Settings (BIOS), which boots the computer. The BIOS settings on ScannX-supplied PCs are password protected and the boot order starts with the internal hard drive and, if possible, any other boot option should be removed. This is to prevent someone from booting from a CD, Floppy, or USB drive which could allow them to steal passwords, alter the computer settings or gain access to the network resources.

ScannX systems are
  • Global, Secure, Private, Scalable and Redundant
  • GDPR Compliant, Article 17 implemented
  • Able to purge all information automatically at end of each session
  • Equipped to send content securely to the cloud, if desired

Remote Diagnostics and Support
ScannX systems are deployed across large institutions and can be managed by staff members that are not even in the same physical location as the scanners. The system was designed to empower remote IT and support personnel through:
  • Configuration management
  • Device profile administration
  • Preemptive error correction (helps staff fix issues before they become apparent)
  • Remote system updates

Scannalytics Usage Reports
Part of ScannX Cloud Services, system activity reports track when and how systems are used, with usage data and graphs that provide details of hourly usage statistics for the current and prior week across all systems or an individual unit.
These usage reports provide a detailed look at destination use and volume of scanned pages over time and can be configured for automatic delivery on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthly basis.
The reports enable you to:
  • View information online at any time, from any device, anywhere
  • Track usage to assess and monitor system ROI
  • Email usage statistics to designated contacts
  • Monitor vending solution revenues
  • Manage warranty renewals
  • Redeploy systems to most active locations
  • Set usage targets to schedule preventive maintenance

ScannX Software Upgrade
Save time and money by upgrading your TBS or iVina book edge scanner systems to the latest ScannX software and cloud services. The ScannX Book ScanCenter software can easily be installed on your existing touchscreen PCs (minimum i3 processor, 4GB RAM, Windows 10) to provide you with the latest in world-class scanning software on hardware that you already own. The software upgrade also includes access to ScannX Cloud Services so you can track usage, view scanner activity, and manage warranty data using your ScannX Portal account.

Secure CloudPack
The Book ScanCenter Standard Edition (SE) software package includes secure access to Google Drive and Gmail for users. Secure access requires users to provide username and password to their cloud-based accounts before uploading scanned images to insure they are safely stored. Expand your offering to include secure authentication and uploading of scanned images & documents to Box, Dropbox, MS OneDrive, and MS Office 365 by purchasing the Secure Cloud Pack.

Translation Services
The ScannX Scan-to-Translate service enables users to scan a document and have it automatically translated into up to 100+ different languages instantly. ScannX integrated its document capture software and cloud services with Microsoft Translate and Google Translate cloud services.
As a result, the ScannX software securely and automatically uploads scanned documents to either translation cloud service and returns the original plus the translated version as two separate Word attachments in one email or stores them as two separate Word files in Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or USB drive folders.
Since translation services may not provide an exact translation, the Word (.DOCX) file format allows the user to edit/correct any errors. Preliminary estimates by libraries and law firms see Scan-to-Translate forecast a 60-80% savings in data input.