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ScannX Book ScanCenter Software

ScannX Software

An Intuitive, Touchscreen Interface for Scanning Books and Documents

The ScannX Book ScanCenter software is a powerful, easy- to-use application designed to empower anyone of any skill level to walk up to its touchscreen interface and easily make scans in a public environment. Its simplicity makes it both intuitive and vital to reducing the support burden of library staff. And it’s been recognized by the Modern Library Awards for eight consecutive years as the best user experience.

Although it’s easy to use, there’s also a lot of power and sophistication built in to deliver quick, flawless scans.

The application auto-crops, auto-straightens, and auto- orients text-based images. It can scan one page while simultaneously processing the previous one to deliver quick results with minimal waiting. Text can be converted into PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and MP3 file formats. Designed for a broad range of users, its on-screen interface supports English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages.

Protecting a Green Environment

ScannX Software DestinationsWe understand that minimizing your carbon footprint is important, and ScannX Book ScanCenter can be an essential tool in meeting your environmental goals. Store your scans on a wide variety of media, in the cloud, or distribute digital versions as needed, without having to print. Output to email, Google Drive, mobile devices, network, print, USB drive, and Wēpa – all of these formats are standard with the application. Easily expand with add- on options including Article Exchange, Box, Dropbox, fax, ILLiad, Odyssey, Office 365, OneDrive, print from cloud or USB drive, print from mobile device, Tipasa, and WorldShare ILL.

Unmatched OCR Accuracy

The advanced ABBYY FineReader Engine is integrated for unmatched OCR accuracy. ABBYY’s multi-lingual document recognition engine automatically detects English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish languages and converts the printed image into digital text. And you can even automatically translate the text into more than 60 languages with a low-cost add-on.

Powerful Integration

Managers of scanners used in public settings may look for ways to recover costs, or even to offer scanning as a revenue enhancement to their services. Book ScanCenter integrates with ITC and Jamex coin, bill, and debit/credit card systems; print management vending systems including Pharos, EnvisionWare, and P-Counter; card systems from Blackboard and CBORD; and Article Exchange, ILLiad, Odyssey, Tipasa, and WorldShare ILL with custom connectors.

A Foundation of Security

The Book ScanCenter software is designed from the ground up to protect confidentiality. Neither the scanned content nor user email addresses are stored, and advanced security measures including CAS and Two-Factor Authentication also protect confidentiality by not storing scanned content or user email addresses. It also provides advanced security measures through CAS and 2-Factor Authentication.

Accessible and Easy-To-Use

Accessibility begins with an easy-to-use touchscreen interface which uses large, on-screen buttons for all interactions. It also features accessibility tools for visually impaired users, including audio narration, a text magnifier, and high-contrast mode. Scanned text can also be converted to MP3 files, allowing audio playback on a wide variety of devices.

ScannX Cloud Services

Book ScanCenter also includes powerful analytics that can track system-wide metrics, such as system usage for each scanner, scan-to destinations, file formats, and time of day. These insights can help you redeploy underutilized systems to more active locations and assign preventive maintenance at specific usage targets. Administrators can also enable features on a per-system basis and activate systems remotely. ScannX Cloud Services are hosted on Microsoft Azure for reliability, redundancy, privacy, and security.


The ScannX Book ScanCenter application is covered by a one-year, limited warranty. But you can easily protect your software investment further with ScannXtra Care® warranty extensions, or per-use services that provide software updates, upgrades, email, phone, and virtual technical support.