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ScannX Full Line of Book Scanners

A Full Line of Book Scanning Solutions for Every Situation

ScannX is the leading developer of cloud-based book and document, archiving, and document delivery scanning solutions for libraries. We provide powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use, copier-replacement solutions for digitizing books, documents, and photos. Instantly store your digitized content to over 25 different cloud and local destinations destinations such as Google Drive, Dropbox, WorldShare ILL, USB, Smartphone, and more.

ScannX reduces operating costs, makes printed information instantly accessible, and expands the range of services libraries can offer their patrons and staff.

We offer a broad selection of Book and Document Scanning Solutions, ranging from entry-level Book-Edge and Overhead Scanners, to the industry’s most advanced Zeutschel A2+ and A3+ preservation systems for archival-quality document retention. All are designed to protect your library’s investment in books.

Simplicity is built-in. At the front desk, a couple taps of the screen are all that’s required for unsupervised patrons to make their own copies. You won’t need to spend your time providing technical support.

Fill in the information at the right to find out how easy it is to get started scanning with ScannX today!