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CZUR ET18 Pro Overhead Scanner is the most advanced book scanner

The Overhead Book Scanner with More Versatility

Books are scanned not only to preserve their information, but to keep their original beauty. The CZUR ET18 Pro Overhead Book Scanner is a new type of intelligent scanner that makes scanning books and documents as easy as a button click. Using built-in algorithms, the CZUR ET18 Pro easily scans, and process scanned images from material once thought to be otherwise difficult or very time-consuming to digitize. No matter how random, crooked, or curved your document or book is, the scanner’s software will easily correct it by recognizing the page edges to automatically orient and crop the image, and using the built in patented low power laser curve correction, flatten the scanned image, revealing a perfectly flat and straight image. The CZUR ET18 Pro can easily scan a wide and growing range of documents and materials, including books, exam papers, textbooks, contracts, receipts, checks, bills, driver’s licenses, medical records, sketches, blueprints and even art on canvas, without ever augmenting or damaging the original scanned material.

CZUR ET18 Pro can scan up to a3 formats

Scan up to A3 Format

The CZUR ET18 Pro handles whatever document you need to digitalize, even as large as A3 format. Scan exam papers, blueprints, magazines, catalogs, and even large books without a problem.

Patented Book Curve Flattening

When scanning, the CZUR ET18 Pro Overhead Book Scanner activates three extremely low power, harmless laser lines, analyzing the contours of an open, bound book. The smart algorithm, combined with accurate laser lines, digitally restores every curved page to perfectly flat books. That means that your most valuable collections can be scanned perfectly and never damage them in the process. Just one step, you can get what you want.

CZUR ET18 Pro can automatically flatten each page of a book

High Quality, 18MP Sony Image Sensor

CZUR ET18 Pro 18MP Sony Image Sensor  scans in 24 bit color
CZUR ET18 Pro scans at an optical resolution of 275 DPI
CZUR ET18 Pro software has OCR built in for superior character recognition

OCR Technology Built In

Scan and convert your documents and books to an editable Word document/PDF with the CZUR ET18 Pro Overhead Book Scanner Software, allowing you to search, edit, and store files in just a click using ABBYY's OCR technology, with 180+ languages supported. With the ability to convert any scanned pages to multiple editable document formats, you will have unlimited resources to search, edit, and store files in just a click. 
* OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Innovative Side Light

The Patented side lights of the CZUR ET18 Pro evenly reveal the whole document for a precise, balanced scan, while eliminating glare from glossy pages, such as certificates, magazines and laminated documents.

CZUR ET18 Pro includes a side light to remove hotspots on glossy scanned material
CZUR ET18 Pro auto-cropping

Smart Tilt Correction & Auto-Cropping

No matter how crooked you place the book or document under the camera, the CZUR ET18 Pro easily recognizes the page edges to perfectly crop the scanned image,and uses smart tilt correction to align and straighten the image properly.

Thumb Removal

Scanning a bound book can be frustrating, but the CZUR ET18 Pro overhead book scanner makes even the tightest bound books easy to scan. Simply lay the book down in the scan area, open the book and hold the pages down with the provided finger cots, and start scanning. The CZUR ET18 Pro Pro will not only flatten the page but will remove the finger cots from the final image as well! Your images will be perfectly straight and finger-free every time.

CZUR ET18 Pro Technical Specifications

Model ET18 Pro
Brand CZUR
Purpose Document and Book Scanning
Product type Versatile scanner
Scanning materials Documents, Books, Magazines, Forms, Invoices, and Certificates
Sensor CMOS
Pixel 18MP
Resolution 4896 x 3672
DPI 275 Optical, 600 Interpolated
Format Flat single page≤A3; Books≤A4
Speed Flat single page≈1.5s/page;
Books≈1.5s/dual pages
Pre scan 0s
Raw Image format JPG, PDF, TIFF
Color bit depth 24 bits
Export format JPG, PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, Excel, TIFF
Video streaming format  MJPG
Preview PC-Visual presenter: 3072*1728@12Fps;
USB USB 2.0 High-Speed
Light source Natural light, Top and Side LED lights
Top LED lights
Side lights
Focus mode Fixed focus
Scanning access Device Control, Software triggering, Hand button, Foot pedal
System support XP, Win 7/ 8/10/11, 32/64-bit; macOS 10.11 and above
Processor 32-bit MIPS CPU
Laser - assisted 3 laser beams
Image cache 2GByte TF
HDMI type HDMI 1.4
LCD 2.4", 4:3, 320x240
Hand button
Foot pedal
Black document pad
Power Input:100 to 240V, 50/60Hz; Output: 9V/1.5A
OCR languages Support more than 180 languages
PC Visual presenter
HDMI Visual presenter ×
Image storage (Wi-Fi mode) 150 Images
Flattening Curve
Smart paging
Multi-target Scanning
Smart tilt corrections and auto-cropping 
Professional trimming
Background purifying
Finger removal 
Color modes Color, Patterns, Stamps, Gray scale, B&W
Manual Selection scanning
Screen recording
Video recording
Element 3G2P+IR
Sensor Size 1/2.3"
EFL 4.55mm
BFL >3.4mm
F/NO 4.5
IR Cut 650±10nm
Field of view 82° 
Distortion <0.5%
Product appearance Black
Product dimensions 375*220*390mm(L*W*H)
Weight 1.5KG(Net)
Packaging list Scanner, Side lights, USB cable, Power adapter, Hand button, Foot pedal, Black document pad, Specialized finger cots, CD, Getting Started Guide