The Zeutschel Advantage



Zeutschel – When image quality, reliability, and productivity are of paramount importance

When looking for a powerful overhead scanning solution to protect and preserve your digital assets, it's obvious why Zeutschel scanners powered by Scannx software are the market leader:

Feature Zeutschel* BookEye** Zeutschel
Works flawlessly with any amount of ambient light Yes No Superior image quality
Output both TIFF and Searchable PDF with one scan Yes No Cuts scan time in half
One-touch scanning and image processing Yes No Scans and processes images in one step
Price includes basic image capture requirements Yes No Includes 600 dpi, multiple file formats, and color/grayscale/black-and-white scanning modes

*Zeutschel OS15000/OS16000/Zeta/Chrome Comfort series
**DLSG BookEye v2, v3