Turn to the next chapter in book scanning.

  • Easy-to-use, interactive touchscreen
  • Protects the book spine
  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Recognizes multiple languages
  • Creation of searchable PDFs
  • Supports multiple billing systems and vendors

Take the pain out of purchasing.

The Scannx Book ScanCenter system starts at $4,995, which includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The book scanner may also be leased for under $100/month.

The ScannAbilities are endless.

The Scannx Book ScanCenter offers touchscreen scanning to:

  • Email
  • Smartphones/tablets
  • USB drives
  • Google Docs
  • Fax
  • Print
  • Network folders
  • FTP sites

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Book ScanCenter™

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The Book Scanner That Renders Copiers Obsolete

The Scannx Book ScanCenter is the library industry's most powerful and accessible self-service book scanner offered under $5,000. With its user-friendly touchscreen interface; large, intuitive buttons; seamless document capture operations and multiplicity of electronic delivery options, the Book ScanCenter improves the library experience for both library staff and patrons. 

How it works:

  • The Scannx Book ScanCenter's fluid touchscreen interface guides the user seamlessly through the book scanning process: setting up preferred file formats/file names, choosing document capture options like scan quality/color depth and designating document delivery destinations.
  • The user is able to scan books and documents into searchable PDF, Word doc, JPEG, TIFF and PNG file formats with the click of a button.
  • Send scanned files to email; to a smartphone/tablet; to document-storage systems like Google Docs, FTP sites and network folders or to additional document-management devices like fax machines, USB flash drives and multifunction devices.

Less paper, less waste

Digital, searchable copies can be referenced repeatedly and shared with others without the need to make multiple scans or replace lost documents.  

Extend book life span

The Book ScanCenter's patented scanner design allows books to lay flat on each page during the scanning process, eliminating the blackened areas of text from page curvature at the book spine and producing clearly readable text across the entire page. This protects books from damage to the spine, thereby reducing repair and replacement costs.

Incredible accuracy

The Scannx Book ScanCenter is integrated with the ABBYY FineReader Engine for unmatched optical character recognition accuracy. The FineReader technology takes the scanned images of books or documents and makes them machine-readable in several common formats, including PDF and Word.

Multi-language compatibility

ABBYY's multilingual document recognition engine automatically detects English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages.

Supported billing systems and vendors

The Scannx Book ScanCenter supports ITC and Jamex coin and debit card systems, as well as major credit cards. The book scanner also works with several of the leading print management vendor systems such as Pharos, Envisionware and P-Counter.  

Add-on features

The Scannx Book ScanCenter may be configured to support an integrated automatic document feeder. The book scanning device also offers an optional three-track magnetic card reader to identify and authenticate authorized users.

Still not sure if you're ready for the next chapter in library technology? No problem; we'll give you a sneak peek. Click below to request a Book ScanCenter preview with our no-risk, 30-day free trial. 

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