Scannx Book ScanCenter Elite+

      Book ScanCenter Elite Plus


The Book Scanner With Premium-Plus Power

The Scannx Book ScanCenter Elite+ is a high-speed, easy-to-use self-service book scanning kiosk designed for high-volume, high-traffic areas where productivity and image quality are paramount. 

  • Performs more than 200% faster than the standard-level Book ScanCenter, converting a scanned page into searchable PDF in less than three seconds at 200 dpi (black and white)
  • Includes a 45 page-per-minute simplex automatic document feeder
  • Includes a Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 for overhead scanning


  • Energy saving patented Book-Edge design captures full pages of text without text distortion.
  • Book Pages up to 11” x 17” lie flat protecting the spine of the book from damage
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 which captures full pages of text without text distortion allows
  • Powered by ABBYY FineReader Technology for unmatched Optical Character Recognition accuracy
  • Easy-to-use Book ScanCenter software, available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian, guides user through the scanning process
  • Easy-To-See software switchable to high contrast ratio for visually impaired
  • Converts scanned images into PDF, searchable PDF, Word, JPEG, TIFF and PNG file formats automatically
  • Send scanned files to: Smart Phone/Tablet, Fax, USB drive, to Google Drive, to network folder, to FTP, to printer, or email
  • Supports ACDI, ITC, and Jamex payment systems
  • Go Green, Save Green! Over 55 million pages scanned on Scannx systems, only 3% went to print.

Less paper, less waste

Digital, searchable copies can be referenced repeatedly and shared with others without the need to make multiple scans or replace lost documents.  

Extend book life span

The Book ScanCenter Elite+ allows the book page to lie flat either face up or face down, thus capturing the full image of the page without distortion. The book-edge flatbed scanner design allows the book to lie flat on the glass with damaging the spine of the book.  The Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 design allows the book to lie face up, thus capturing the full image of the page without distortion. The Scannx Book ScanCenter Elite+ can automatically crop, straighten and orient each page scanned.

Incredible accuracy

The Scannx Book ScanCenter Elite+ is integrated with the ABBYY FineReader Engine for unmatched optical character recognition accuracy. The FineReader technology takes the scanned images of books or documents and makes them machine-readable in PDF and Word format.

Multi-language compatibility

ABBYY's multilingual document recognition engine automatically detects English, French, Italian, German and Spanish languages.

Supported billing systems and vendors

The Scannx Book ScanCenter Elite+ supports ITC and Jamex coin and debit card systems, as well as major credit cards. The book scanner also works with several of the leading print management vendor systems such as Pharos, EnvisionWare and P-Counter.  

Add-on features

The Scannx Book ScanCenter Elite+ also offers an optional three-track magnetic card reader to identify and authenticate authorized users.

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