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Zeutschel OS C

Zeutschel OS C large format overhead scanner

The Advanced and Versatile Large Format Overhead Scanner

In today's world of ever-increasing digitization, it's more important than ever to have a dependable and high-quality scanner on hand. Introducing the Zeutschel OS C, the next generation large format overhead scanner from Zeutschel! The OS C (A2+) is an advanced A2+ sized large format overhead scanner designed for digitization projects of all volumes and end-use needs, offering the quality and accuracy of an archival scanner with the ease-of-use of a walk-up scanner. Building on the legacy of the 12000-series, the new OS C A2+ overhead book scanner offers enhanced quality, a smaller footprint, and advances in scanning productivity. With a re-designed scanning head, new scan drive, and further optimized LED lighting, the Zeutschel OS C runs more precisely and smoothly than its predecessors while providing the same great usability and palatable price point. Whether you're working on a small digitization project or a large-scale scanning needs, the Zeutschel OS C is up to the task. With the quality and accuracy of an archival scanner and the ease-of-use of a walk-up scanner, the OS C is sure to meet all your scanning needs.

Key Features

  • 25” x 18.1” scan area (A2+) integrated book cradle
  • Up to 600 DPI color
  • Re-designed scan head with new scan drive
  • Improved LED lighting
  • Perfect Book technology to straighten text and provide thumb removal
  • Converts scanned images to PDF, searchable PDF, PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b, Word, JPEG, PNG, Single Page / Multi Page TIFF, PNG, and MP3 file formats
  • Over 25 different destinations to send scanned material to 
  • Directly integrates with ILLiad, Odyssey, Article Exchange, Tipasa, Rapido and WorldShare ILL for easy interlibrary sharing and document delivery
  • Powered by the latest ABBYY FineReader Technology for unmatched OCR accuracy
  • Translate text to over 80 languages
Protect Your Books
The patented design of the Zeutschel OS C2 Comfort book cradle protects the spine of the book from damage to extend its life. Each side of the book cradle can raise and lower to compensate for the thickness, and the center depresses to protect the spine of the book.
Scannalytics tracks usage statistics, enables features remotely, and distributes updates. IT and Accounting departments can use these reports to manage and optimize asset utilization and department chargeback fees.
Integrated OCR
The Zeutschel OS C2 is integrated with the ABBYY FineReader Engine through ScannX Book Scanning Software for unmatched accuracy. ABBYY’s multilingual document recognition engine can recognize 180+ languages.
Translation Services
Enable users to scan a document and have the text instantly translated into any of 80+ different languages. The original and translated documents, stored as Word (.docx) files, can be sent to over 25 different cloud based or local destinations. 
Supported Billing Systems
ScannX Software supports ITC and Jamex coin, bill, and debit/credit card systems. It also works with leading print management vending systems including Pharos, EnvisionWare, and PCounter.