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A Revolutionary Software Solution for Library Digitization

ScannX ScanPerfect Book Scanning Software for Libraries

ScannX ScanPerfect Book Scanning Software

Say goodbye to cumbersome, outdated book scanning processes and step into the future with ScannX’s cutting-edge ScanPerfect software. It's a revolutionary tool that will transform how users interact with your library’s collection.

ScannX ScanPerfect Overhead Book Scanner
  • ScanPerfect cloud-enhanced software empowers libraries to provide patrons and staff with a new, convenient, and highly efficient way to scan, save, and share information.

  • Allows users to effortlessly convert printed pages into digital information with just one click. It’s the epitome of streamlined functionality, utilizing the latest technology to provide cutting-edge scanning capabilities, enabling users to easily scan into various file formats and distribute them to multiple destinations.

  • Designed with you in mind. It's remarkably user-friendly, making scanning a breeze for even the most inexperienced patrons. At the same time, its robust functionality caters to the needs of seasoned librarians, providing the tools they need to efficiently scan entire archives with precision and ease. Experience the power of simplicity.

Experience the future of book scanning. Welcome to a new chapter in library innovation.

Discover the Simplicity of our Touchscreen Interface

Our user-friendly home screen interface can be fully customized, allowing you to display a personalized selection of only the services you offer to your patrons and staff.

  • Meets global security standards for privacy and confidentiality.

  • OCLC-certified software connectors to Article Exchange, ILLiad, Rapido, Tipasa, and WorldShare.

  • Optional Translation and Handwriting Recognition services.

ScannX ScanPerfect Scan Screen with Preview

Extensive Range of Output Formats:

Scan once and convert pages into up to three different file formats without requiring any post-processing:

  • Document Formats: PDF, Searchable PDF, PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b, Encrypted PDF, .Docx (word)
  • Image Formats: Single Image TIFF, Multi-Image TIFF, JPEG (with compression control), PNG, and audio formats like MP3 and ePub
ScannX ScanPerfect Scans Transferred Screen

ScannX ScanPerfect Home Page

ScannX ScanPerfect Features

  • Send scanned files to over 25 different destinations including email, USB drive, mobile devices, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Office 365, OneDrive, network folders, direct to printer, print release station, fax and more..

  • Ability to easily change color modes and scan resolution.

  • ScannX Overhead Scanners automatically flatten book curvature, orient and split each page. and digitally remove thumbs if you need to hold down the book.

  • Built in ABBY OCR with support for over 210+ languages
ScannX ScanPerfect Output Formats Screen

Scan Once and Done

At the end of the scan job, users can end the session, print the images, or send them to another destination without scanning the materials again.

Selecting "End session" returns you to the home page, where all scanned content, email addresses, and passcodes are automatically erased for privacy and confidentiality.

ScannX Cloud Services

ScannX Cloud Services (SCS) ensures the highest levels of security and reliability to track usage, push updates, enable features, and manage warranty renewals. System Activity Reports track when and how systems are used, with usage data and graphs that provide details of hourly usage statistics for the current and prior week across all systems or an individual unit. 

The reports enable you to:

  • View information online at any time, from any device, anywhere

  • Track usage to assess and monitor system ROI

  • Email usage statistics to designated contacts

  • Monitor vending solution revenues

  • Manage warranty renewals

  • Redeploy systems to most active locations

  • Set usage targets to schedule  preventive maintenance

ScannX Portal Activity
ScannX Portal Scan Metrics

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