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Zeutschel OS 12002 Large Format Overhead Scanner

Zeutschel OS12002 Large Format Overhead Scanner

The Archival Scanning Solution For Future-Proof Digitization

The Zeutschel OS 12002 large format overhead scanner is a game-changer for digitizing and preserving large volumes of documents, books, and manuscripts. This top-of-the-line scanner is specifically designed for professional archival scanning applications and is an essential tool for libraries, archives, and research institutions.

Available in two models, the Comfort and Advanced, the Zeutschel OS 12002 scanner offers a variety of scanning modes to accommodate a wide range of document types. Equipped with a high-resolution camera and advanced software, this scanner automatically corrects distortion and optimizes image quality to capture every detail in stunning clarity. With a capability of capturing images up to 600 dpi, the Zeutschel OS12002 scanner is gentle on delicate materials and perfect for archival scanning.

The Comfort model offers semi-automatic scanning, featuring a gentle book cradle that quickly digitizes your material. The Advanced model offers fully automatic scanning for maximum efficiency, utilizing a glass plate with a book cradle designed for archivists. With its innovative design, the Zeutschel OS 12002 large format overhead scanner can handle large format documents and is the ultimate tool for digitizing and preserving your collections.

Key Features
  • Scan area: 24.5” x 18.1”
  • Scan mode: Color; 4 channels, RGB- Color and Grey in total 43200 Pixel
  • True color processing: 42 bit , 14 Bit grayscale,1 bit b&w
  • Maximum resolution: 600 ppi
  • Scan speed: 4 sec /400 ppi
  • Auto focus: approx. 2 Inches
  • User software: Omniscan 12 / 64 bit
  • Maximum book thickness: 3.93” Inches with glass plate, 5.90” Inches without glass plate
  • Output Formats: all the standard image formats, for example, TIFF uncompressed, TIFF G4, JPEG, JP2, Multipage TIFF, PDF, Multipage PDF, BMP, PNG, GIF, PCX
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Dimensions: (w x d x h) 39.1” x 34.6” x 51.6 Inches
  • Workspace: (w x d) 27.5” x 28.3” Inches
  • Weight: 154.3 LBS
  • Power requirement: 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.1 A
Protect Your Books
The design of the Zeutschel OS 12002 book cradle protects the spine of the book from damage to extend its life. Each side of the book cradle can raise and lower to compensate for the thickness, and the center depresses protecting the spine of the book. The Zeutschel OS 12002 Advanced Edition includes an upgraded motorized book cradle with a glass plate that opens automatically after each scan.
OmniScan Scan Software
The included OmniScan Scan software (OS 12) provides a simple to operate digitization tool that delivers impressive results. It easily stores a range of different configurations so you can process repetitive jobs much more efficiently. OS 12 with PerfectBook software features intelligent document recognition with book-fold distortion correction, page straightening, finger removal and page separation.
Service and Support You Can Count On
ScannX provides onsite installation and training, and ongoing support with its U.S. based customer support teams. With ScannXtra Care coverage, ScannX provides annual on-site maintenance to protect your investment, including calibration and cleanings, to extend the life of your large format overhead scanner and ensure the best image quality results.