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ScannX Library Book Scanning Solutions

ScannX – More Than A Decade of Service, Passionate Users, and a Forest of Trees

ScannX® has more than a decade of experience delivering scanning solutions to libraries, and that landscape has changed so much during that time.

Even the definition of a scanner isn't the same anymore, morphing from a simple way to scan and print a book page for a research paper to transforming the words on a page to a text file that you send to a network drive or carry out with you on your mobile device, or even an audio file that you can listen to anywhere. ScannX brings together the most innovative hardware on the market with the most intuitive, approachable software that can be operated by even the most tech-averse library patrons.

ScannX offers a wide range of Book Scanning Solutions to meet the growing digitization needs of your institution.

Our newest addition, the ScannX Overhead Book Scanner, pairs ScannX Award-Winning Book Scanning Software with an innovative overhead scanner that features a unique hardware design. This powerful combination reduces book scanning to page turning, seamlessly creates flat scans from curved books, removes glare or reflection from glossy print, and integrates smart tilt correction and auto-cropping.

Our book-edge Book ScanCenter product family simplifies the process of digitizing books without putting any additional pressure on their spines. This includes two turnkey products, and three where you can use your own PC, and Our Zeutschel product line delivers powerful digitization for the most sophisticated users with the most precious archival products. All of these scanners are enhanced through their integration with the award-winning Book ScanCenter software, which brings simplicity to end users and power, extensibility, and integration to both library staff and IT departments.

This powerful combination of hardware and software is central to our winning LibraryWorks' Modern Library Awards for the last 8 years in a row, which means so much to us because it means we are recognized directly by the more than 80,000 librarians in public, academic, K-12, and special libraries who vote for their favorite products. Digitization is central to the eco-conscious and green initiatives that many libraries champion. Nearly 200 million digital scans have made by ScannX systems, the majority of which are not printed. As each tree yields an average of 8,333 pages of paper, this means our systems saved approximately 24,000 trees. Digitization reduces the carbon footprint of your library, campus, and community.

Whether you’re looking for a low-cost overhead scanner with high-end features, or the most powerful, high-end system for preserving precious documents or heritage books, ScannX has a solution for you. And whichever you select, our award-winning touchscreen interface and the technology behind it delivers the ease of use needed by casual users and the powerful, rich features required by the most experienced.

See how ScannX can meet the needs of your library by visiting or by filling out the form to the right.