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Scannx Users Make 100 Million Scans, Save 12,000 Trees

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August 3, 2017, Livermore, CA – Scannx®, the leader in document capture and document delivery software and cloud services for library patrons and staff, announced today that libraries used Scannx book scanners to make more than 100 million scans with most opting for digital copies instead of printing, which saves money on paper and toner in the process.

Scannx systems help libraries advance their conservation and sustainability efforts. Every tree yields an average of 8,333 pages of paper, which means that Scannx users saved approximately 12,000 trees.

“Ninety-seven percent of Scannx users don't print the content they scan, opting instead to email it or to send it to their mobile device or to cloud storage," said Murray L. Dennis, Chairman and CEO, Scannx. “Scannx not only saves libraries on buying paper and toner, but the digital content their patrons get is actually superior since they can search through it and easily share it with others."

The ability to track the number of scans this precisely is due to the powerful cloud services of the Scannx platform. These services help libraries to reduce costs and optimize assets by tracking usage and managing features. Scannx Cloud Services tracks usage statistics but does not save any content or email addresses.

Scannx offers a broad selection of document scanning systems, ranging from entry-level book-edge scanners designed for use by library patrons, to the industry’s most advanced Zeutschel A2 and A3+ preservation systems for archival-quality document retention. All are designed to protect the library’s investment in its books, while delivering superior ease-of-use that allows unsupervised patrons to make their own copies.

Scannx systems include IoT technology and cloud-based support that make it simple to scan, store, and send digitized content as searchable PDF documents to Dropbox, Google Drive, email, smartphones, and tablets, as well as to local USB drives or printers. For larger installations, Scannx cloud services aggregate usage data across multiple locations, providing performance metrics and benchmarking. Software updates can automatically be pushed and installed, removing unnecessary technical burdens from library management while ensuring maximum availability.

About Scannx

Scannx® is the leading developer of cloud-based document scanning and delivery solutions for libraries. Scannx markets Scannx and Zeutschel book scanning systems powered by the Scannx software. The company’s systems provide powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use, copier-replacement solutions for scanning books, documents, and photos; and instantly store scanned content in the widest range of digital options. Scannx reduces operating costs, makes printed information instantly accessible, and expands the range of services libraries can offer their patrons. Scannx users have scanned over 100 million pages to date. For more information, visit

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