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ScannX announces Book ScanCenter 5.0 software

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Tue, Mar 27, 2018

BSC 5.0 includes advanced security features and enhanced imaging editing tools

March 28, 2018  Livermore, CA – Scannx®, Inc., a leading developer of cloud-based, document capture and document delivery software and services, announced shipment of its latest and most advanced version of its software, Book ScanCenter 5 (BSC 5.0).

New features include:
  • Multi-Factor authentication for Google, DropBox, Box, OneDrive and Office 365.
  • Mobile authentication with your smartphone
  • Tools to optimize image quality, reorder scanned pages, and scan full bed area.
  • Simplified Interlibrary loan fulfillment with OCLC’s Tipasa and WorldShare ILL
  • Enhanced accessibility tools for the visually impaired.
  • Deep integration with the Pharos billing and print release system.
  • Monitor revenue generated with low cost Scannx CBA100 coin and bill acceptor.
  • International faxing (visit for details)

“BSC 5.0 represents a significant leap in advanced security features, integration with OCLC’s next generation platform for resource sharing, enhanced image editing tools for digital preservation projects, and cloud-based vending services.”, said Murray L. Dennis, Chairman and CEO of Scannx. “The Scannx team developed the new capabilities of BSC 5.0 based upon feedback from our customers, and from users who have scanned over 120 million pages using our systems. In addition to these advancements, BSC 5.0 establishes an architectural platform for extending library connectivity into emerging cloud-based services for accelerating research and collaboration.”

Scannx systems include IoT technology and cloud-based support that make it simple to scan, store, send digitized documents in a variety of formats to Dropbox, Google Drive, email, smartphones, and tablets, as well as to local USB drives or printers. For larger installations, Scannx cloud services aggregate usage data across multiple locations, providing performance metrics and benchmarking. Software updates can automatically be pushed and installed, removing unnecessary technical burdens from library management while ensuring maximum availability.

Scannx offers a broad selection of document scanning systems, ranging from entry-level book-edge scanners designed for use by library patrons, to the industry’s most advanced Zeutschel A2 and A3+ preservation systems for archival-quality document retention. All are designed to protect the library’s investment in its books, while delivering superior ease-of-use that allows unsupervised patrons to make their own copies.

The Book ScanCenter 5 upgrade is available at no charge to Scannx customers with a valid ScannXtra Care agreement. BSC5.0 is available in three different versions: Limited Edition (LE), Standard Edition (SE) and the Professional Edition (PE). The SE comes bundled with Scannx’ line of Book ScanCenter book-edge scanners, and the PE version is bundled with Scannx’s line of Zeutschel scanners. Visit for a list of features by edition.

About Scannx

Scannx is a full-line supplier of book scanning solutions from entry level book-edge scanners to the most advanced A3+ and A2 Zeutschel digital preservation systems, all powered by Scannx’s award winning software. Zeutschel is the world leader in digitization and preservation solutions for valuable assets. Scannx’ is the #1 leader in patron based, self-service book scanning software and cloud services.

Scannx’s customer base has scanned over 120 million pages, of which only 3% of the scanned pages were printed.. As a result, libraries have reduced their paper and toner costs while saving trees. Scannx also offers unique Accessibility tools that enable patrons with visual disabilities to navigate through the scanning process with audio output to headphones. Patrons can automatically convert scanned pages into MP3 audio file format and email it or store it on a USB drive for later listening.

Scannx has been recognized for its innovation, reliability, security, sustainability and accessibility by Library Works Modern Library Awards for its fourth consecutive year. The Company has partnered with OCLC, a nonprofit global library cooperative providing shared technology services to simplify its next generation InterLibrary Loan services for Library staff.

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