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Green Libraries And Green Innovations: Looking Toward The Future

Looking toward the future of the green movement – and your green library’s role in it – it’s safe to say that advancement isn’t slowing down anytime soon, but rather gaining momentum.
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Climate change, global air quality and the overall state of the environment are, without question, some of the most harrowing issues facing the world today. Companies and organizations all over the globe are recognizing the harmful effects of their practices and putting forth a genuine effort to go green. Among the many facilities implementing these eco-friendly initiatives are green libraries.

We’ve recently published a series of posts on the various tactics available to green libraries. Now, we’d like to offer you a healthy dose of inspiration and innovation, highlighting some of those tactics in action. The following are just a few examples of green libraries going beyond green by providing products and services that give new meaning to the phrase “eco-friendly effort.”

The Anythink Library
In Brighton, CO, the Anythink library is believed to be the first carbon-positive library in the United States. In 2009, it was offsetting more than 176,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. With a photovoltaic system generating more than a third of the building’s power, a geothermal heating and cooling system and an array of Solatubes (tubular daylighting devices), not only is the building LEED certified for its eco-friendly practices, but it also cut yearly energy costs by nearly $30,000.

The Central Library
The Central Library in Seattle, WA, planted trees all around the building and used drought-resistant plants to reduce heat. All irrigation on the property is provided by rainwater collected from the building’s exterior and stored in a 40,000-gallon tank. Over 20 percent of the building products were manufactured within 500 miles of Seattle, and over 75 percent of demolition and construction waste was recycled.

These leaders in the green movement – and their commendable efforts in creating truly green libraries – have set the stage for further advancement in green technology. With the help of these successfully implemented practices, green technology is sailing full speed ahead. Check out these green innovations that are quickly becoming trends among environmentalists at all levels:

Empower’s Energy-Generating Rocking Chair
This is an ergonomically designed rocking chair that collects kinetic energy from human contact and movement, then releases that energy via a USB connection. Essentially, this rocking chair provides all the comforts of a typical rocking chair, while simultaneously charging your digital device – how’s that for rocking

ANDREA’s Plant-Based Air Purification
This air purifier pulls air in through a miniature fan and pushes it through the leaves of the enclosed plant, down to the roots and into the soil. The plant absorbs and metabolizes noxious chemicals, so the air released back into the room is toxin-free. This tiny, transparent container also doubles as décor.

Philips’ Incandescent-Looking LED Bulbs
It looks like an incandescent light bulb, and it feels like an incandescent light bulb … but Philips has invented an LED light under the illusion of an incandescent form. These LED bulbs save up to 85 percent more electricity than traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Apple has also made strides in its product designs, using cleaner, safer material to reduce the harmful toxins found in electronics. Their new models expend 97 percent less electricity in sleep mode than the first iMac.

Looking toward the future of the green movement – and your green library’s role in it – it’s safe to say that advancement isn’t slowing down anytime soon, but rather gaining momentum. All of these inspiring organizations, unique inventions and changes being made by the world at large … these prove how much power, energy and individual dedication is fueling the efforts toward a greener way of life. If you’re just beginning your experience as a green library, hold on tight – the future of green innovation is about to take us to unbelievable, new heights.

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