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How Cloud-Based Library Technology Increases Office Productivity

If you’re struggling with traditional technology systems, and losing valuable work time in the process, your library technology is in need of a turnaround.
ScannX makes implementing cloud book scanning software into your library technology easy and secure.

After years of experience in library management, you’ve come to a conclusion: traditional library technology makes for some pretty messy situations. How many times have you: 

  • Gone on a digging expedition through the filing cabinets?


  • Left a meeting mid-presentation to make more copies of the material?


  • Taken time to comfort a student over a crashed hard drive and lost research paper?

If you’ve encountered any of these scenarios, you know how much they hinder productivity. Like most librarians, you’d prefer workdays that were not interrupted by document search missions or computer crashes. Cloud technology gives you those days.

“Cloud”, or rather “The Cloud” is something of a buzzword these days. But what does it really mean? Well, cloud computing is defined as “a model for delivering IT services in which resources are retrieved from the Internet through web-based tools and applications, rather than a direct connection to a server.”

Here’s an easier definition: cloud technology refers to web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms that house all your files, and grant you anywhere, anytime access to them.

Anywhere File Access

Cloud storage offers file access anywhere there is Internet access. That means no more taking 10-minute breaks to rummage through file cabinets. With cloud technology storage, you scan every file you need to the cloud, and access them anytime, anywhere. Cloud storage eliminates daily habits of document hunting, ensuring un-interrupted library productivity.

Paperless Meetings

You’re used to putting together a PowerPoint presentation, or printing out 20 pages of an outline, for your weekly internal meetings. With the sharing powers of the cloud, those weekly meetings require much less preparation, and much less paper.

When you save a document in the cloud, that document becomes accessible to all your meeting attendees – with your permission, of course. So your staff is able to explore the same file as you at the same time as you. This is one of the most highly praised (and eco-friendly) benefits of cloud software. Your meetings become entirely digital processes, and everyone is on the same page, literally.

Automatic Data Backup

This one’s for all the sobbing students you’ve had to comfort. Cloud technology software offers a simple yet effective way to protect against the untimely demise of a hard drive.

The files you save in cloud storage are safe from computer failures. Instead of being backed up on a hard drive or USB flash drive, documents are held in the remote storage space that is the Internet, far beyond the reach of any drive disruptions.

If you’re struggling with traditional technology systems, and losing valuable work time in the process, your library technology is in need of a turnaround. Cloud-based software offers you a stress-free way to organize files, retrieve files, share files and, above all, maintain your library’s productivity.

Is traditional, paper-based library technology preventing you from reaching productivity goals? Why not jump into the 21st century and try a cloud-based approach? See how ScannX can help you and your patrons make the jump to the cloud today!

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