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The 5.5 Funding Sources You Never Thought Of | A Book Scanner Upgrade

These days, every academic library is on a tight budget. Yet, your students, faculty and staff still demand the latest technology – and they want it to be easy to use. The copy machine is a perfect example.
ScannX Book Scanner Upgrade

It’s a hefty line item on your strained budget, and it costs you so many headaches: paper jams, long lines, and lots of calls to IT about student questions and strange error messages. It’s a nightmare you wish you could get rid of, right With so many choices of scanners, copiers, and printers to choose from, finding the right solution for your budget doesn’t get any easier. But should cost alone really be your biggest concern when looking for a book scanner that serves your students and staff with the best quality and ease-of-use?

We don’t think so. Even the smallest academic library should be able to afford modern-day digital scanning technology for its students, staff, or school. With that goal in mind, here are five accessible sources to help finance your next book scanner upgrade:

1) Ask Directly The main benefactors of library technology are your students and faculty – why not ask them to help you with the next upgrade? Raise the issue to your constituents through different types of marketing: direct mail, donation bins, email campaigns, awareness nights and themed events. You may be surprised at the generosity of your library users. After all, who wants to spend all that time in line at the copier anymore?

2) Partner Up Take a look at what other non-profits you could partner with in your area. Perhaps a larger non-profit organization would take up your cause or sponsor an upgrade as a memorial. Don’t forget to check out local community groups too. Organizations like churches, synagogues, Junior Leagues, scout troops or Lions Clubs are always looking for service projects to sponsor or raise awareness for.

3) Get Friendly Nearly every university or region has a “Friends of the Library” group formed to support the libraries in the area. These non-profit, charitable groups are often involved in fundraising, advocacy, volunteerism, public awareness campaigns and literacy programs. If your academic library doesn’t currently have a “Friends” organization, then why not start one today? Let the first campaign be a fundraiser for your next scanner technology upgrades.

4) Seek Solid Foundations Grants from a private or community foundation are another great source of library technology funding. Private foundations are usually based on the personal philosophies of the founding members – find one that’s interested in local involvement or academic library funding. Community foundations are similar, giving grants to organizations within a specific community or region. The key to securing grant funding from a foundation is a clear message: Give them a firm understanding of how the new library technology of a book scanner prepares your students to move confidently into the digital future.

5) In the Giving Business Many local businesses and corporations have philanthropic giving arms looking to donate goods and services for charitable causes. Established businesses that have recently moved into a new area are likely interested in giving back to their new community. Solicit businesses in your areas…you may be surprised at who is willing to sponsor your book scanner upgrade in exchange for a small “thank you” sponsorship message.

5.5) BONUS: Charge for It With something so easy and timesaving as a digital book scanner, students and staff may be willing to pay a nominal fee to use your new equipment – especially if it’s cheaper than copying or printing! If you go this route, be sure to include technology that accepts both coin and credit card payments. With the right document scanning equipment, you’ll recoup the cost of your book scanner upgrade in no time. You don’t have to choose between low cost and high quality for your next technology upgrade.

With these funding sources, you are empowered to choose the book scanner that works best for your students, faculty, and staff. One successful scan at a time, they’ll be thanking you for years to come. Click the button below to learn more about saving your academic library workflow time and IT headaches with a ScannX Book ScanCenter.

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