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Library Technology Solutions That Your IT Support Team Will Love

With the modern era’s incredible, steamrolling advancements in technology and cloud-based communication, expectations for efficiency, transparency and information management have skyrocketed. Libraries, both academic and public, are no exception to the rule.
ScannX Book Scanning Technology

To keep your institution in the game and relevant to the next-generation library patron, you have to capitalize on the best solutions out there: the library technology that reduces downtime, undermines lines and wait times, minimizes maintenance, pares down repairs and severs that umbilical cord of frustrating dependence on IT support.

Be smart about your library technology.

Think ahead to cut back on IT dependence.

  • Libraries often use a software called Deep Freeze that cleans publicly available PCs of any unauthorized downloads, private content and confidential information, and restores values and settings that revert it to original programing whenever necessary. This is both good and bad: While the software protects the computers, if they don’t have settings stored in the cloud, IT technicians have to reconfigure the appropriate settings each time they run the software. As you can imagine, this is a frustrating time drain on the IT department, your library staff and, most critically, the patrons who have to deal with inoperable PCs.

Make sure your program doesn’t erase valuable settings programmed by your library’s technology technicians. With cloud-based book scanning and document capture technology, you won’t lose those priceless and insightful metrics -- like numbers of scans, types of scans, frequency of use, etc. -- that show you where inefficiencies are clogging up your library’s operations and breaking down the patron experience.

  • PC reservations allow patrons who want guaranteed internet usage to claim a digitized reservation number, setting them up with an allotted amount of PC time.
    • Limit the amount of public internet access to cut back on requests for IT help. How does this work? By putting caps on the amount of bandwidth being used and connections being made, you reduce lag time and calls for IT support.
  • Web-based resource lookup technologies simply don’t support that archaic hardware and legacy software anymore. With next-generation library technology like easy-to-use, scan-to-mobile book scanners and high-level, high-security book scanning software, students and patrons create searchable PDFs to find the exact information they need instantaneously. But these book scanning solutions don’t end at searchable PDFs:
    • Newer hardware uses much less energy than the old, clunky equipment. This is thanks to the tag-team effort of ever-advancing technology and the growing trend toward conscientious engineering and lean design.
    • Handouts and pamphlets are a thing of the past. When making presentations, the next-generation library patron needs a tablet. Set up a station for tablet reservations with countdown timers.
    • Users share information and spread ideas, and their personal stuff is kept personal.
    • You get easy access at the operating-system level, allowing you to download any virus software and/or security systems that your organization uses onto each book scanner. Your IT people will love that.
    • Newer is just better when it comes to hardware: Commercial-grade equipment lasts longer; consumer-grade devices break down much more frequently because they’re simply not built for such a high level of use that public PCs are exposed to.
  • With modern print management software, your IT department isn't inundated with print job reports. Plus, you get high-level insight into who’s printing what and where … and how to cut down on the excessive carbon footprint of overprinting.

With a ScannX Book Scanning Solutions, you can say goodbye to frustrating, time-draining reliance on continuous IT support. The ScannX team offers free remote white glove service with every purchase as well as onsite and phone assistance to ensure that your book scanning experience goes smoothly and seamlessly for you, your IT team and your library patrons.

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