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ScannX Clinches Quadruple Platinum Honors in 2024 LibraryWorks Awards

“ScannX book scanners open endless possibilities for libraries to enhance their services and offer their staff and patrons an even more enriching experience. And with only 3% of the 230 million pages scanned going to print, libraries are saving paper and toner costs while saving trees ,” shared Rebecca Dennis, CEO of ScannX, reflecting on the outstanding accomplishment.


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ScannX wins 4 Platinum MLA awards for the 10th consecutive year

A Decade of Distinction: ScannX Clinches Quadruple Platinum Honors in 2024 LibraryWorks Awards

January 25, 2024 – (Pleasanton, California) – ScannX®, the leading developer of cloud-based book scanning solutions for libraries, is proud to announce that for the 10th consecutive year, they have been recognized by LibraryWorks for their exceptional product innovation and customer support. Their entire line of book scanning solutions, including book edge, overhead book scanners, and high-end archival systems, have been presented with Platinum honors at the 2024 Modern Library Awards (MLAs) by the LibraryWorks community of librarians. The recognition is a testament to the company’s advanced solutions that combine robust features and ease of use.

“ScannX book scanners open endless possibilities for libraries to enhance their services and offer their staff and patrons an even more enriching experience. And with only 3% of the 230 million pages scanned going to print, libraries are saving paper and toner costs while saving trees ,” shared Rebecca Dennis, CEO of ScannX, reflecting on the outstanding accomplishment. “These platinum awards affirm our commitment to revolutionizing how libraries operate, and we want to express our sincere gratitude to our customers and partners for this prestigious recognition.”

The MLAs serve as a beacon of recognition for outstanding products and services in the library sector. In a unique and unbiased format, submissions were rigorously evaluated by a panel of experienced librarians from public, K-12, academic, and special libraries. Only those with hands-on experience with the products and services in their facilities were eligible to judge, ensuring a genuinely impartial assessment based on functionality, value, customer service, and more.

The publisher and MLA program manager Jenny Newman remarked, “It’s hardly a surprise that ScannX scored so well. They’ve been at the forefront of the industry since their company entered the market in 2014. As noted in our review, their ‘innovative software incorporates ease-of-use, reliability,
security, accessibility, device monitoring and measurement, and IT productivity tools.’”

Gone Are the Days of Waiting in Line for A Physical Copy or Dealing with Outdated Equipment

ScannX offers highly efficient solutions for reducing operating costs and providing immediate access to printed information. By instantly converting scanned content into digital formats, they eliminate the need for traditional copiers. The entire line of cloud-enhanced scanners, powered by ScannX software, is designed to help libraries provide a convenient and efficient way for patrons and staff to scan, save, and access information.
Book Edge Scanners – Combine an 11” x 17” ScannX BookEdge book scanner with ScannX award-winning book scanning software to create an intuitive interface that digitizes books quickly. These scanning solutions are available in turnkey and bring-your-own-PC options, offering flexibility and convenience to fit any library’s needs.

  • The ScannX Book ScanCenter combines a 23” All-In-One PC preloaded with the ScannX software and an 11” x 17” patented design. It has been the library book scanner of choice for the past nine years because its large, friendly buttons guide the user through the scan process, from choosing file formats to scan quality, color depth, file naming, and destinations.

Overhead Book Scanners – Easy-to-use, affordable overhead scanners that combine innovative scanning technology with award-winning software to deliver the industry’s first A3, 600 dpi resolution, sub-$5,000 solutions for both library patrons and staff.

  • The ScannX OS2500 has an optical resolution of 330 DPI, interpolation up to 600 DPI, and ultra-fast scans in 3 seconds per page, with no pre-scan required. It has a maximum scanning area of 18.89” x 14.17” for documents and 17” x 11” for books, and comes with a security stand to protect the scanner when used in public settings.

  • The ScannX OS2800V has an optical resolution of 360 DPI, interpolation up to 600 DPI, and a unique hardware design with an integrated V-shaped book cradle that captures face-up books up to 17” wide x 11” tall x 3” thick. It allows users to create digital copies of books and documents comparable in image quality to scanners twice its price.

Zeutschel Archival/Digital Preservation Systems – Scan modern and historical books, manuscripts, magazines, science reports, contracts, or other cultural heritage items. The integrated cradle design allows the book to lie face up and capture the full image of two pages without distortion and protects the book’s spine from damage. Zeutschel's Perfect Book software flattens pages, straightens text, and digitally removes thumbs.

  • The Zeutschel OS C2 and Zeutschel OS 16000 Comfort Scanners are
    the industry’s most powerful A2, 600 dpi resolution, archival systems
    recognized for their ease of use, image quality, advanced capabilities, book-friendly scanning, security, productivity, and accessibility.

  • The Zeutschel OS 15000 Comfort Scanner is a rugged A3+, true 600 dpi resolution digital preservation system with the durability required for high-traffic libraries and the ability to deliver flawless performance year after year. Its light source eliminates glare or hotspots, and its real-time processing ensures quick ROI by reducing archive time. Everything about this nearly indestructible scanner was designed for precision and longevity.
The ScannX Professional Edition software is included with all scanner and represents a new industry standard in security and productivity by scanning to over 25 destinations in multiple file format options and can translate text to over 120+ languages. ScannX includes many tools required for digitization projects and ILL tasks, such as scanning from left-to-right / right-to-left, single scan conversion to dual file formats, and integration with Microsoft Edge for unmatched security in scanning to the cloud.

ScannX Cloud Services (SCS) ensures the highest levels of security and reliability to track usage, push updates, enable features, and manage warranty renewals. SCS offerings include faxing, translation, and handwriting recognition services.

ScannX systems connect to various coin, bill, and credit card payment systems for cost recovery. Scan books into PDF, searchable PDF, Word, and MP3 formats. Email scanned files automatically or send them to USB drive, Google Drive, smartphones, tablets, network folders, printers, and fax; ScannX offers OCLC-certified software connectors to Rapido, Tipasa, WorldShare, Article Exchange, and ILLiad.

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About ScannX

ScannX is a leading provider of award-winning document and book scanning solutions, leveraging innovative IoT technology and cloud-based support. With a focus on seamless integration and enhanced accessibility, ScannX empowers libraries to digitize and store content effortlessly, transforming the way information is scanned, stored, and accessed.

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About the Modern Library Awards program

The Modern Library Awards (MLAs) is a review program designed to recognize elite products and services in the market which can help library management personnel enhance the quality-of- experience for the library user and increase the performance of their library systems.

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