The ScannX Scan-to-Translate service enables users to scan a document and have it automatically translated into up to 100+ different text languages instantly, through integration with both Microsoft Translate and Google Translate.

How It Works
The ScannX software securely and automatically uploads your scanned documents to either translation cloud service and returns the original scan plus the translated version as two separate Word attachments, either via email or the destination of your choice.

Since translation services may not provide an exact translation, providing them in Word format allows users to edit/correct any errors. Preliminary estimates by libraries and law firms see Scan-to-Translate forecast a 60-80% savings in data input.

Download the Translation Services data sheet for more information.

Customer Story - Alameda County Law Library

The Alameda County Law Library was concerned about providing resources for its non-English speaking patrons. They have been able to manage telephone requests in different languages through a service, but once they know what book or reference material someone needs, it is usually in English. 

With ScannX Translation Services, they were able to solve this dilemma.

"We can put that book on the scanner and translate it and give them a copy in English and their own language and email it to them, both as Word documents," said Mark Estes, former library director. "Now, they can understand it in their own language."

Read the Alameda County Law Library case study. 

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Text Translation System Requirements

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Book ScanCenter version 5.0.2147